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Updated on Jun 25, 2020 Useful Info

Where to find luggage storage in Marrakech

Marrakech Merana Airport.

  • Currently, there are no luggage storage services available at the airport. However, if you ask, most restaurants around the airport will store your luggage for you at a small fee.
  • Alternatively, if you're stopping at Merana airport for a layover, you can hire a taxi for the period you'll be in Marrakech. The taxi can move you around as well as store your luggage for you.

Supratours Bus Station (New train Station)

  • Supratours bus station is found just behind the new ONCF train station.

Important information.

  • There is no luggage storage at the train stations in Marrakech. Most people will inform you about luggage storage at the new train station, they are referring to the Supratours bus station, not the actual train station.
  • You don't have to be traveling with supratours for you to leave your luggage with them.
  • Luggage storage cost: Last time I was using their service they were charging 5 MAD per item per day.

Gare Routière Station.

  • So far this is the only place I've found storage lockers.
  • Luggage storage cost: 10 MAD per day per item.

Museum of Marrakech.

  • The museum is located in the old center of Marrakech within the old palace.
  • To store your luggage at the museum you must make an online reservation through bagbnb.
  • Storage cost: €5 a day per bag.


  • Most riads will actually store your luggage for free if you'll be coming to stay there after your tours outside Marrakech.
  • If you'll not be staying at that riad they'll charge a small fee which you and the riad management will negotiate.