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Driving around in Mauritania.

Before getting a car for yourself in Maurirania, there are a few basic rules that you should always be aware of.

  • The roads in Mauritania are quite good especially on the Senegalese border side of the country.
  • Always have your papers with you will driving.
  • The police in Mauritania love roadblocks and therefore you will be constantly stopped and asked to produce your papers. If this is not fun for you, you could always hire a driver.
  • Some of the roads are not well marked with the road signes and even road marking. If you are used to driving with the aid of the car's systems then Mauritania can be quite challenging for you.
  • You need a good strong car, mostly when you want to visit as many tourist attraction sites as possible as some of the roads are not in good condition.
  • To be able to legitimately drive on the Mauritania road, you need to either have a drivers license or an International Driver's License (IDL).
  • To get the local license which can be impromptu, you need to sit an exam in any police station and get temporary permit to drive i the country.
  • Police in Mauritani are generally nice and friendly, so it would be courteous to also respond in the same manner.

Car hire.

One possible way of getting your personal vehicle is to hire one.

  • There are several car hire sites online and you can read the reviews to understand their policies much better.
  • Ensure you get a car rental service that is credible and ticks all the boxes. Some rentals run a scam off tourists to get insurance cash from them.
  • Go for the strong cars such as the Toyota hilux which is a common 4WD car around.
  • The price of this hire ranges about: UM 21,000 a day and the fuel consumption cost about UM 384/ litre.

Depending on your preferences, this venture can be so productive allowing you to see the lash country.