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Medellin bus terminal guide

  • Medellin has two bus terminals: the North and the South bus terminals making it easier and cheaper to travel to various destinations across Colombia.

The north terminal ( Terminal Norte)

  • This is the busier terminal. It's located close to the Caribe metro station, take Line A of the metro, alight here and walk to the terminal it's only a few meters away. The north terminal and the Caribe metro station are connected by a short pedestrian bridge.
  • You can also easily get to either terminal by taking a taxi from whichever point you are at in Medellin. No city taxi driver doesn't know the 2 bus terminals.
  • The North terminal primarily serves buses heading East and North of Medellin.
  • Popular destinations served from this terminal include:
  1. Bogota
  2. Barranquilla
  3. Cartagena
  4. Gutape
  5. José María Córdova international airport.
  • There are over 20 different cafes in the terminal and almost 30 shops listed on their website.
  • There's no need for early booking since bus companies offer several trips to the most popular destinations. Some destinations are served by more than one bus company.
  • Popular bus companies in Colombia include:
  1. Bolivariano
  2. Rapido Ochoa
  3. Expresso Brasilia
  • Trips to cities distant from Medellin by bus can be very hectic, they take hours and the mountainous terrain makes it more tiring. For trips to cities such as Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Mart, and Bogota it's more convenient to use cheap flights as opposed to bus travel.

The South Terminal ( Terminal Sur)

  • Terminal Sur is a 20-minute walk from the El Poblado metro station. Take metro line A to the Poblado station. There's a taxi rank outside the metro station. Taxis to the South terminal cost 5500 pesos.
  • The South terminal primarily serves destinations south of Medellin. Popular destinations served from this terminal include:
  1. Cali
  2. Bogota
  3. Salento
  4. José María Córdova international airport.