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Submitted on Jun 23, 2019 Useful Info

What you need to know about metrocables in Medellin

  • These cable cars serve mostly the steep areas and are the most inexpensive way to explore the city.
  • Each metrocables carries eight passengers from the uphill stations to the light rail station in the Valley
  • Speed of cable cars is about 10miles per hour.
  • There are 4 cable lines K, J, H and L with the best view being when you use line K that runs from Avecedo rail station to Santa Domingo with this line running for about 9km.
  • Each cable ride costs $1 about 1700 pesos.
  • You can also switch lines, for instance, you can switch from line K to Line L at Santo Domingo.
  • Line L does not serve the informal settlement areas but rather the tourist areas and heads to Arvi Park. To ride on this line you have to pay an extra $2 after you switch at Santo Domingo.
  • Line J runs for 2.7 km from San Javier rail station.
  • Line H is probably the least crowded among the 4 and connects to 3 rail stations: Oriente, Las Torres, and Villa Sierra.