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14 Places to Visit in Mexico by PaperHelp

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Mexico, with its nearly 2 million km2, has a lot of scenery to offer you, as well as endless activities to do. Don't lose your way and explore the places to visit in Mexico.

It is not necessary to leave the country to have at your fingertips and, most importantly, at your pocket, great experiences and unique scenery ranging from beaches, archaeological sites, waterfalls to magical towns.


Dazzle yourself with the places to visit in Mexico

It is practically impossible to make a thorough and, above all, accurate selection of places to visit in Mexico. Each area in our country is unique and beautiful in its way.

Mexico comprises 32 states that certainly hide little-known destinations, history, customs, and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Meet the 14 tourist destinations in Mexico

Touring our country from end to end is a task that brings great satisfaction. Let's discover the places to visit in Mexico.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

The 'Perla Tapatía' is the jewel that, in the first place, tops our list of places to visit in Mexico. Guadalajara is the second-largest city in the country.

It is known for being the land of tequila, mariachi, and delicious tortas ahogadas. This city invites you to learn about its architecture, history and also the touristic places in Guadalajara.

Tequila, Jalisco

Tequila Jalisco is one of the magical towns of Jalisco that embraces a lot of history, culture, and above all, traditions.

In Tequila, you can tour the agave plantations on foot or by train. In addition to witnessing the elaboration of the most Mexican drink, tequila.

That is why since 2006, UNESCO declared this wonderful place as a World Heritage Site. We invite you to visit it!

Degollado Theater in Jalisco

It is probably the most significant cultural precinct in Jalisco and the most preserved building in Latin America. The neoclassical style of architecture will impress you!

In the Degollado Theater, you can listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco, enjoy the May Cultural Festival and learn about its history with guided tours.

Monterrey Nuevo León

The 'Sultana del Norte' has become, like Guadalajara and Mexico City, one of the leading development and business cities, which has had a tremendous economic impact nationwide.

As far as landscapes are concerned, this city will surprise you because it has incredible tourist attractions in Monterrey that will fascinate you.

Cerro de la silla, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Shocking scenes you will witness when you get to know the places to visit in Mexico. Climbing the Cerro de la Silla is one of the must-do activities you should not miss when you visit the north of Mexico.

It has four prominent peaks 1820 meters in height: Pico Antena, Pico Norte, Pico Sur, and Pico de la Virgen. If you dare to climb it, it will undoubtedly be a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Horsetail Waterfall, Monterrey

Located in the municipality of Villa de Santiago, Cascada cola de Caballo is one of the tourist attractions in Mexico that will make you feel proud.

With its 27 meters high, the Cascada cola de Caballo waterfall falls over the Sierra Madre Occidental, becoming a natural outdoor spectacle.

Merida, Yucatan

Merida, Yucatan is probably one of the most tranquil destinations in the Mexican Republic.

Here you can breathe fresh air while you get to know the beauty of its streets and admire the contrast left by the colonial buildings.

At the same time, you have to visit the tourist attractions in Merida, including archaeological sites, cenotes, and beaches.

Celestun, Yucatan

Located in Xixim, a small town in the south of the Yucatan Peninsula, is Celestun, considered one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

It is here that you can appreciate nature at its best. Visit the Pink Flamingo Sanctuary, admire hummingbirds, ducks, and cool off in an oxbow lake.

Las Coloradas Beaches, Yucatan

Las Coloradas is the most impressive natural scenery you have ever seen - a beach with pink water? It exists, and all due to an accident that occurred in this town dedicated to salt.

In other words, your body will be able to float very quickly, thanks to a large amount of salt it contains. The Rosas de las Coloradas Lake is one of the tourist destinations in Mexico that almost nobody knows about.

Los Cabos, Baja California

Surrounded by the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is the ideal destination if you want to experience adrenaline in your veins.

Practice extreme sports in its desert landscapes, beaches, and mountainous areas. Los Cabos undoubtedly fits your budget, offering activities at any cost.

El Medano Beach, Baja California

Most of the places to visit in Los Cabos are its beaches. Therefore, Playa El Medano is one of the most popular among Mexicans and foreigners.

Its calm waves make it a safe beach to practice water fun such as kayaking, swimming, diving, or skiing.

Medano Beach

Cerritos Beach, Baja California

Just an hour from Cabo San Lucas, the ideal climate awaits you 365 days a year at Playa Cerritos to relax, get a tan and learn how to surf.

Being a little-known beach, you will have the opportunity to own the waves and become the king of the world.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa

The 'Pearl of the Pacific is also one of the tourist places in Mexico that you should include in your tour.

In Mazatlan, you can do many activities, such as walking along the boardwalk, visiting one of the typical restaurants, and finally, tasting a delicious seafood dish.

Visit the deer island, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to be just a few centimeters away from the birds, wolves, and deer that live nearby.

Camaron Beach, Mazatlan

Visiting Playa Camarón is, without a doubt, one of the places to visit in Mazatlán that you can't miss. If you enjoy pristine beaches, this tropical attraction will become your new favorite place.

Enjoy its crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and gentle waves for a relaxing swim. On the other hand, you can snorkel, go banana boating, and more.

Los Pinos Beach, Mazatlan

Mazatlan has landscapes of beautiful places in Mexico that you should visit at least once in your life. Such is the case of Playa Los Pinos, an area very popular with locals.

It is considered one of the smallest beaches in Mazatlan, but undoubtedly with a unique charm. It enjoys calm waters, ideal for intrepid surfers and curious children.


Oaxaca is steeped in history, from pre-Hispanic to colonial to contemporary. Most notably, its architecture, streets, museums, and traditions are clear examples of this.

Finally, this is why it was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We recommend you visit the center of the city and its beaches, archaeological sites, and mountains.

Manzanillo Beach, Oaxaca

Among the places to visit in Oaxaca is Manzanillo Beach, an area known for its calm waves, beautiful underwater landscapes, and an ideal combination of flora and fauna.

Located west of Puerto Escondido, Playa Manzanillo is one of the places to visit in Mexico that you can't miss.

Carrizalillo Beach, Oaxaca

Very close to Puerto Escondido is Playa Carrizalillo, an ideal place to explore nearby mangroves, where you can enjoy its variable waves, pleasing both inexperienced swimmers and intrepid surfers.

You can also admire the flora and fauna while snorkeling. We recommend you to enjoy the tranquility and, above all, breathe fresh air in one of the most impressive tourist destinations in Mexico.

San Luis Potosi

If you are looking for history, adventure, and tradition in one place, then the tourist places in San Luis Potosi will fascinate you.

You can venture to visit some of the waterfalls in the Huasteca Potosina, later visit the magical towns, and taste some of the exquisite typical dishes while listening to a "son huasteco."

Xilitla, San Luis Potosí

Surrounded by flora and fauna of the Xilitla region, the Edward James Surrealist Garden is an experience that you must live in the flesh.

Admire the sculptures that were built in the open air, gradually adorning themselves with nature. On the other hand, breathe fresh air while listening to the water coming down from the mountains.

Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí

Water spectacles in their different shades, vegetation, and, above all, the majesty of nature embrace you and welcome you to one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

Enjoy and explore the Huasteca Potosina with all the tourist attractions it has for you.

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