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A guide to finding the best prepaid SIM card in Mexico

  • There are 3 main telecommunication service providers in Mexico
  1. Telcel
  2. Movistar
  3. AT&T


  • Telcel is the largest telco provider in Mexico. Their prepaid SIM cards are known as amigos and can be purchased for 149 pesos. Each amigo comes with credit worth 75 pesos.
  • I would especially recommend Telcel for tourists coming from North America (Canada and U.S). Telcel's amigo sin limite ( without limit ) users get free calls to Canada and the U.S.
  • Plus you can still use it in the U.S and Canada. Data costs the same across all 3 countries.


  • Their best prepaid SIM card is the prepago doble ilimitado. You can use it across Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
  • SIM card cost: 60 pesos.


  • I once bought an AT& T sim card while at the airport. It worked just great and they have inexpensive plans.
  • Data costs 0.75 pesos per MB. AT & T can also be used across Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

Best place to buy SIM cards to in Mexico

  • Don't get one at the airport, When I got my AT& T sim card at the airport in Mexico City, they sold it to me at a price that was almost triple the normal price.
  • Avoid buying sim cards online. Most of them don't work.
  • Best place to get a sim card: Oxxo stores. There are everywhere in Mexico so you should have trouble finding one
  • If you can't find an oxxo store with ease, use this oxxo store locator.

SIM card registration requirements

  • I've bought different SIM cards everytime I'm in Mexico, I've never been asked for identification or a copy of my passport. There's a confirmatory message you receive via SMS you get once your SIM card is successfully registered. Don't leave the shop you're purchasing a SIM card from until you get that text.