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Submitted on Apr 23, 2019 Useful Info

How get around Mexico city on budget

Mexico city is large and getting around can be really expensive. Here are some tips on how to save money on transport around the city.

Key tips

  • Avoid ubers and taxis
  • These cheap transport alternatives may be quite uncomfortable.
  • Walk over short distances.


  • They are shared taxis, they pick and drop passengers along the way, some collectivo drivers are very unscrupulous and may overload the vehicle, however, oppose such moves.

Mototaxis/ Rickshaws/Tuktuk

  • They use the same method of operation as collectivos but they only carry 3 passengers.
  • Their limitation is that they only operate within a restricted area, they are not allowed to operate outside the area they've been authorized to operate.


  • These are donkeys that have been trained to move people around, you can't get one within CBD but you can come across some in the suburbs.

The metro

  • The metro system in Mexico city is well connected and serves all parts of town, it's also quite safe but be alert at all times when on the metro and around the stations.


  • Buses cover almost all routes across town, they are however more expensive than the metro.