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Submitted on Jul 09, 2019 Useful Info

How to access wifi at Mexico city's Benito Juarez international airport

  • Wifi here is provided by two companies at both terminals
  1. Infinitum (Telmex)
  2. Totalplay
  • I found the wifi here not being that bad honestly, though it's only free for the first 45 minutes, here's how to continue accessing wifi even after that time is over


  • Wifi login info is always available on the Starbucks receipt. However, the login info is in Spanish but it's nothing difficult
  • If you're logging in using the info provided by Starbucks you'll use the infinitum network. ( infinitum movil)
  • The username is starbucks@infinitummovil and they don't change it, not frequently at least. Anyway, in case they happen to change it you'll find the new one on the receipt.
  • The password changes but its also indicated on the receipt. Last time I was here the password was contrasena.
  • The good thing about this Starbucks network is that it works regardless of how far you are from Starbucks as long as you are within the airport and the speed is relatively good.
  • If you don't need anything from Starbucks but just the login info you can ask someone at Starbucks to share it with you.