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Updated on Jul 07, 2019 Useful Info

How to extend your Mexican Visa

  • Your Mexican Visa can be extended if upon entering the country you were granted less than six months allowed time of stay.
  • The following is what you need to do and know if you want an extension of your Visa to remain in Mexico legally.

Mexican Visa

  • When entering Mexico as a tourist, you should have an FMM document from the Mexican Immigration Authorities. This gives you permission to stay in the country for a given time.
  • You can fill this document on the plane before handing them over before arrival or you can do this online.
  • When requesting for an extension, always use its official name, which is FMM( Forma Migratoria Multiple )
  • 180 days is the maximum days of extension of your FMM, no more than that.

Visa extension

  • Visit the nearest Mexican Immigration offices.
  • Have a passport and your Visa with you, as well as cash, credit card or a traveler's cheque.
  • Fill a form, which you'll be given at the immigration office, take it to the bank for payment then return them.
  • Make sure you're time conscious. Offices are open from 9 am to 1 pm during workdays and closed during national holidays.
  • Upon expiration of the 180 days, you'll need to leave Mexico and acquire a new Visa.