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How to use Mexico city's Ecobici bikes

  • Ecobici is the public bike share system in Mexico City. It uses almost the same concept as Citibike in New York.

Signing up for Ecobici

  • For you to access bikes, you must sign up. This can be done either online or at Ecobici stations.
  • You must have a Mexican sim card for you to sign up online.
  • You can buy 24 hours, 72 hours, weekly or yearly subscription.


  1. 24 hours- Mex$ 108 (USD 5)
  2. 72 hours- Mex $ 216 (USD10)
  3. Weekly- Mex$ 360 (USD 19)
  4. Yearly- Mex$ 440 ( USD 23)
  • Yearly plans are ridiculously cheap though they aren't available to non- Mexican citizens. You need an RFC number ( Mexican tax identification number) for you to buy yearly plans. If you're signing up for a yearly plan pick up your ecobici card at their offices.
  • Once you've signed up you'll receive an email with your 6 digit username and a 4 digit pin. You must input these numbers for you to be able to unlock and return bikes.
  • After purchasing your plan online you have a maximum of 2 days to activate it or else it expires.

Using Ecobici

  • If you're new in Mexico city, download the ecobici app. Sign up using the username sent to your email after you registered.
  • The app shows you the location of all ecobici stations, stations that have run out of bikes, and those that still have bikes. There are ecobici stations on almost every street, it's easy to find one.
  • Stations that are indicated in red are out of bikes, those indicated in orange have less than 4 bikes. Green stations have enough bikes.
  • Place your credit card in the credit card slot in the vending machines at the station to activate your plan.
  • At the latest ecobici stations (4G stations) you can just buy your membership from the vending machine. No need to register online. This step is only necessary when using 3G stations.
  • The vending machine automatically assigns you a bike. You have 2 minutes to unlock your bike after it has been assigned.
  • Put in your username and PIN to unlock the bike.
  • Important info: 4G stations have 2 screens, one for signing up and the other one is for bike assignment. After you sign up the bike number assigned to you will appear on the other screen.
  • After unlocking your bike you have 45 minutes to return the bike to the nearest ecobici station. They give a 15 minute grace period after which ecobici will charge extra fees.
  • If you still want to continue riding after 45 minutes, return the bike, wait 2 minutes and unlock the bike again. You may be assigned the same bike or a different one. There's no extra charge.

Here's a YouTube video that demonstrates how to use ecobici bikes