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Where to find luggage storage in Mexico city

  • Here are some of my top suggestions for luggage storage in Mexico city airport.

Mexico City International airport ( Benito Juarez Airport)

  • There are left luggage centers at both terminals, terminal 1 ( for most international flights) has 2 luggage storage centers. I'm not sure how many left luggage centers they are in terminal 2.

Terminal 1luggage storage facilities.

  • I know 2 luggage storage facilities on terminal 1.
  1. Between gate 7 and 8 opposite the Wings restaurant.
  2. Opposite gate 2, next to Hertz car rental.
  • Both luggage facilities store luggage in lockers for up to 24 hours max. They can continue to keep your luggage after 24 hours are over just not in lockers. ( The facility opposite wings kept my luggage for like 3 days)
  • Luggage storage cost: 150 Mexican pesos per day ( USD 8)

Luggage storage on terminal 2.

  • I only know of one luggage facility in terminal 2. It's on the lower level, next to hotel Geneve.
  • Cost: 150 Mexican pesos.

How to connect from Terminal 1 to terminal 2 at Benito Juarez airport

  • Terminal 1 and 2 are 3km apart. You can easily miss luggage storage in terminal 1 (serves more people). To get to terminal 2, you can use the free train if you have an onward ticket for flights in terminal 2 or use the bus if you have no proof of onward travel. Bus ticket costs 10 pesos.

Luggage storage in Mexico city CBD

  • There is a luggage storage facility at Terminal de autobuses del poniente.
  • I've never used their facility so I dont much info on their regulations and prices.
  • You can contact online on via their website