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Credit card guide for Mexico

  • Credit cards are generally accepted at many places all over Mexico but at smaller outlets, they may be rejected.
  • In tourist cities such as Cancun, US dollars are generally accepted but always carry pesos for backup.


  • It was easier for me to work with Visa and MasterCard, American Express cards are not common in Mexico.
  • Be sure to get a credit card from a bank that doesn't have foreign transaction fees as you end up paying 2%-5% on each transaction.

How to get cash

  • Again Visa and Mastercard debit cards are compatible with most ATMs across Mexico.
  • IMPORTANT: Most ATMs only accept 4 digit pins, in case your pin isn't 4 digits consult with your bank before leaving for Mexico.
  • Use ATMs owned by large banks such as Santander, Banamex, Barnote, HSBC, Scotiabank, and Bancomext, they charge less transaction fees compared to small vendors.
  • Card safety
  • The general card safety tips still apply when here.
  1. Use ATMs at banks rather than those on streets.
  2. Use your hand shield your pin when entering it to prevent any person or cameras from seeing it.
  3. Beware of scams, in case you have a hard time fitting your card through the ATM slot it is probably interfered with and you should find another ATM.