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How to get to Teotihuacan?

Teotihuacan ancient ruins are one of the most popular trips around Mexico City, and you’ll find that plenty of tour agents are charging an extreme amount of money to get you there.

But it’s quite easy to get there by yourself once you know how to.

Here’s how you can visit Teotihuacan from Mexico City without a tour group

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by Bus

Your first step in getting to Teotihuacan from Mexico City is to go to Autobuses del Norte metro station.

  • It’s on the Yellow Line 5, direction north

The metro system in Mexico City is convenient, efficient, and very cheap. It costs only MXN 5 per journey.

  • On the metro, get off at the Terminal Central del Norte / Autobuses del Norte metro station. From there, follow signs for Autobuses del Norte. Once you will exit the metro and cross the street to the bus terminal will be hard to miss!
  • At the Bus Station, you’ll have to walk down the hall to Gate 8. The ticket seller will be marked with a big sign that shows “LOS PIRAMIDES.”
  • Just say “Los pyramides” and the clerk will know what you need. They also speak English. The seller will tell you which gate to go to catch the bus. The bus will also be marked “Piramides.”
  • The ticket cost MXN 52 each way
  • The buses to Teotihuacan leaves every 20min
  • Depending on traffic, the drive to Teotihuacan is about an hour.
  • The bus will drop you at Puerta 2, and from there you can enter and begin exploring Teotihuacan!

For your trip back to the city, you need to exit Teotihuacan the same gate you entered - Puerta 2. When you exit the gate, turn right and walk a little down until you see the blue sign that says “bus”. It doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes for a bus to arrive. You can pay on the bus or show your return ticket.

by Uber

Uber is pretty available and well used in Mexico City so you’ll have no trouble catching one.

  • The journey takes around an hour and will cost in the region of $400 – 500 MXN each way.

Of course, it demands at the time of booking and traffic.

Try not to visit Teotihuacan on a Sunday

On Sundays, Teotihuacan offers free entrance to Mexican citizens and residents. Therefore the site will be crowded. If you are able, you might want to visit Teotihuacan on a weekday to avoid lineups.