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Submitted on Mar 29, 2019 Useful Info

How to have a real taste of Mexico

Mexico isn't just about the spring breaks, tequilas, and beaches. There's more to Mexico and much better and cost-effective ways to enjoy your trip to Mexico than just sitting around at your beach resort.

  • The food! Mexican cuisine is great and foods are really cheap here, don't confine yourself to just the restaurant at your hotel. Go to the market area and get tasty treats fora very cheap price. Most vendors are hygienic.
  • Shop at the local markets for handmade crafts and real Mexican art.
  • Ensure you take the bus.
  • Learn some Spanish, you'll enjoy your trip more if you can communicate in the local language.
  • Attend festivals, there's quite a number of festivals that showcase the local culture here, moreover, entry to most of these events is free. Some of the best festivals you can attend are;
  1. Semana Santa - Holy week, Easter and Lent.
  2. Day of the dead around between October 30 to November 2.
  3. Independence day - September 31.
  4. Our lady of Guadalupe day, Mexico patron saint- December 12.