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Submitted on Feb 27, 2019 Useful Info

How to prepare for Mexico trip

Most travelers who visit Mexico have an amazing time and don't face any problems.

The best preparation is the knowledge of the possible situations and the risks you may face, in order to increase your chances of having a safe and fun vacation.

I listed Mexico travel tips that cover the most practical information about visiting Mexico.

Visa paper on your entrance in Mexico

  • Most visitors in Mexico will fill out a small part at the end of the immigration form which is actually your entrance-exit proof in the country. The immigration officer will tear it off and stick it in your passport. Do not lose it because you’ll be asked to present it when you leave the country.

What is the duty-free allowance for Mexico?

The following goods may be brought into Mexico by travelers over 18 years of age without incurring customs duty:

  • 200 cigarettes,
  • 25 cigars or 200g of tobacco
  • 3 liters of spirits or 6 liters of wine

Learn basic phrases in Spanish before you go

  • In touristic areas, you'll find most peoples who speak at least some or simple English, but Outside of the major beach destinations, most Mexicans do not speak English.

Don't drink water from the tap

  • Unless there's a sign over the sink in your hotel room saying that the tap water is good for drinking - "agua potable", don't drink it.

Bathroom doors marked with an “M” are for the ladies

  • The Spanish word for women is “mujeres.”

If you see access marked with an “M,” do NOT assume that it is the men’s room. Instead, look for a door marked with an “H” for “hombres” or a “C” for “caballeros”.

Toilet Paper Goes in the Trash Bin

  • If you see a basket next to the toilet, just remember to fold over your used toilet paper and deposit it there so the system can work better

In most of Mexico, the pipes just aren’t built to handle the stuff.

Plan extra time for everything on your travel

  • Do not think that anything is going to start on arranged time, that the person you’re meeting will be there punctually, or that the ride you’re taking is going to get there when promised.

In Mexico, everything happens - when it happens.

Use Mexico’s bus network

  • While flights are often a fair value choice, don’t forget about buses. It can be an excellent and cheap way to travel, and you get to see Mexico’s beautiful countryside.

Mexico has a huge and high standard bus system, with different classes. The highest classes are “primero” and “platino”.

Take the colectivos

  • This is one of my best budget-friendly option for traveling in Mexico. They are shared minibusses that are very common all over Mexico.

The cheapest and fastest form of public transportation possible.

Do not assume the weather will be hot

Some of Mexico’s more popular destinations and states like DF, Chiapas and Oaxaca lie at high altitude and can get surprisingly cool, especially during the winter and at night and mornings.