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How to visit Chichen Itza, Mexico: Transport and Costs

  • Chichen Itza is the largest archeological city do the ancient Maya civilization.
  • Location: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Chichen Itza is located off Merida-Cancun highway. You can easily get to Chichen Itza from dither cities. Chichen Itza is closer to Merida than Cancun.
  • There's regular bus service run by ADO bus from both cities to Chichen Itza.

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Transport from Merida to Chichen Itza

  • ADO's Merida terminal is within the town center between street 70 and 71. You can easily get there by taxi, ask the taxi driver to take you to ADO came.
  • Express buses to Chichen Itza depart at 6.30, 8.30 and 9.15 am and return to Merida at 18.20 pm.
  • Trip duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Fare: Mex$ 150 for a one-way ticket.
  • You can also rent a car in Merida and drive yourself to Chichen Itza. Car rentals in Merida average cost Mex$1500 daily. The parking fee at Chichen Itza is Mex$30.

Transport from Cancun to Chichen Itza.

  • Ado only has one express bus that runs from Cancun to Chichen Itza daily at 8.45 am and returns to Cancun at 4.30 pm.
  • This bus runs from the Ado bus station in downtown Cancun, there's no express bus from Cancun airport to Chichen Itza.
  • Fare: Mex$200.
  • The trip takes about 3 hours 15 minutes.

How to Avoid Crowds when visiting Chichen Itza

  • To avoid crowds, sleepover in Valladolid this town is 40 minutes away from Chichen Itza. Since it's the nearest town to Chichen Itza, you can catch an Ado bus or taxi (collectivos) at 7.00 am and be at Chichen Itza before 8.00 am. Most people begin arriving at Chichen Itza from 10.00 am.
  • Collectivos cost Mex$35 and bus tickets cost Mex$26.

Entrance Fees

  • Chichen Itza entrance fee currently is Mex$480. You'll pay at two windows, one to the federal government and the second window to the state government of Yucatan. They begin selling tickets at 8 am to 4.00 pm.
  • Payment can be by either cash (Mexican pesos only) or using your card.
  • No reservation is needed.

Luggage Storage Is Available at Chichen Itza.

  • The luggage storage room is by the entrance. Storage lockers cost Mex$ 40 per day.