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Mexico's Visitante (FMM) Immigration form

  • A visitante is an immigration form that you'll be given to fill out upon arrival in Mexico, it's basically kind of a tourist visa. Not everyone is eligible for the FMM, citizens from these listed countries have to make prior tourist visa arrangement from their local Mexican consulates.

FMM requirements

  • The only requirement is that you must have a. valid passport, you can also use a passport card though in case you're traveling by land.

How to apply for a Mexican tourist card.

  • You can either fill your FMM online, print it out and submit it at your point of entry alternatively you can get your FMM once you are at you are in Mexico, you have 30 days to make your application upon arrival in Mexico. The form will grant you a maximum stay of 180 days. You can't renew or extend an FMM.
  • FMM cost- Included in your flight ticket charges.
  • Once you fill out your form the immigration officer will attach a small breakaway slip from the FMM to your passport, keep the slip since they'll need it back during your exit.