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What vegetarians and vegans can eat in Mexico?

Mexico is a country that has lots of well-known meat dishes and doesn’t get the idea of not eating animal products.

But, the best news is that they have plenty of tasty exotic fruits and vegetables to try, more kinds of beans than you even knew existed, and even delicious cactus called ''nopal''.



Lard - pig fat, is used by many chefs as the greasy ingredient in all kinds of dishes from refried beans to flour tortillas. It is a particularly common ingredient in northern Mexico.

Chicken Broth and Knorr Chicken Bouillon

It’s in soups, in salsas, and in many other dishes for “extra flavor”.

The usually used chicken broth powder is known as “Knorr” or “Knorr Suiza”.

What to eat for breakfast

Egg Breakfasts

Good breakfasts are traditional in Mexico and most of these include eggs with beans, tortillas, and salsa, most of them vegetarian.

The most popular are -

  • Huevos rancheros (fried egg on the tortilla with red salsa)
  • Huevos a la Mexicana (scrambled egg with onion, chile, and tomato)

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It’s tortilla chips, cooked in green or red salsa, cheese, Mexican sour cream, fresh onions and cilantro, and a side of beans. It usually comes with an egg and avocado. Vegans can order these without dairy or eggs

It is very yummy!

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Ensalada de Frutas

Fresh fruit cart vendors are everywhere in Mexico. Just walk around your block and you’ll find someone selling freshly cut fruit in cups. Papaya, pineapple, orange, watermelon, and mango, cucumber, and jicama. Fresh juice is almost always available if not from the same seller, then just next.

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Usually made with toasted bread, beans pure (frijoles) cheese, pico de gallo (picked tomatoes and onions, and cilantro. Sometimes they come with meat. Just ask them in advance to serve it without any cheese or meat and add extra avocado or mushroom instead.

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Lunch and dinner


A quesadilla is a tortilla with melted cheese inside. The best come from stands that make the tortillas on the spot and have containers with various fillings.

Quesadillas are the most popular vegetarian option as they are easy to find and can always be made vegetarian or vegan. Fillings vary throughout Mexico and include rajas (roast poblano peppers), squash blossom, mushroom, and huitlacoche (corn muck)\

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It is the same as quesadillas except they are made from wheat flour.

You can find interesting veggie options - aubergine and leek,

chaya (a local green) and achiote (a spice), all served with cheese.

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Enfrijoladas, Entomatadas, and Enchiladas

These are all traditional enchiladas (tortillas with fillings rolled up and covered in sauce) with different sauces.

Enfrijoladas are covered in a pureed bean sauce.

Entomatadas are covered in a tomato sauce.

Enchiladas are covered in either a green or red spicy salsa.

They’re usually topped with cheese, onions, and crema.

Vegans can easily drop the dairy and change it for the cheese filling with potatoes, beans, greens, or other veggies.

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Ensalada de Nopal

It’s made with prickly-pear cactus, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice, and olive oil. It’s topped with queso fresco (fresh cheese). It’s served with a side of tostadas (crunchy tortillas) or totopos (fried tortilla chips).

Order without cheese to make vegan.

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Chile Relleno

A classic Mexican dish, Chile Relleno means “stuffed chili”. It’s a large roasted Poblano (not spicy) chili filled with melted cheese and sometimes meat served with rice, beans, and tortilla on the side.

These are usually prepared in advance, so it could be difficult to order a vegan version.

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It is a Mexican sandwich packed with multiple ingredients. Meat is the main filling, but of course, you can ask for it without and instead have beans, cheese, egg, avocado, tomato, and salsa.

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Sopes are small tortillas of thick fried corn masa dough. You can choose from many toppings, but the most classic is with cheese, beans, squash blossom, rajas, jamaica (hibiscus flower), and panela.

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These are larger versions of sopes, with an oval masa base with many various toppings.

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Tortilla soup

Tomato soup is served with fried tortilla strips and garnished with many toppings - panela cheese, avocado, cilantro, fried chiles, onion, and crema.

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Street food options


It is made from blue corn and cooked over a simple comal (flat grill) on the street. The oval-shaped tortilla is stuffed with beans, cheese, and beans (habas), topped it with cactus, onion, cilantro, and salsa.

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Deliciousness in a cup. You can find this common street food in almost every plaza in Mexico. It’s boiled corn served in a vasito (little cup) with mayo, shredded cheese (like parmesan), lime juice, powdered chili, and chili.

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Usually sold from the same seller as "esquites"

Boiled corn cob on a stick, covered with mayo, cheese, lime juice, and chile.

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Grilled corn

Grilled corn most commonly is served with butter, lime juice, salt, and chili powder

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Marquesitas are the one Yucatecan dessert you need to try if you are in the Mexican peninsula.

Traditionally served with two special components: grated Edam cheese and melted Nutella spread.

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