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Where to exchange currency in Mexico

Most important info:

  • While in Mexico never exchange money before the customs and baggage claim area at the airport. The rate is really bad. ( This is for Benito Juarez international airport in Mexico City, I'm not sure if that's also the case in other Mexican airports.

Best way to exchange currency before customs

  • Withdraw at any ATM. Be sure to make arrangements with your bank especially if you're from Europe. Most European ATM cards are not compatible with ATMs in Latin America.

Currency Exchange At Benito Juarez International Airport.

  • After passing through customs once you are in the main arrival hall of terminal 1 there almost close to 50 foreign exchange bureaus ( Casas De Cambios in Spanish).
  • Most Casas ( both within and outside the airport) are open from about 9 am to 4 pm. You'll have to exchange currency through ATM withdrawal if you need to exchange currency past this time.

Safety tips

  • Work with a few large bills rather than many small bills, they can easily draw attention to you.
  • Calculate in advance to know the amount to expect after you've changed your currency to pesos. Xe gives accurate results.

Xe converter:

Best Currency to carry to Mexico

  • US dollars are the most convenient currency to bring to Mexico City. Canadian dollars and Euros are also ok. For other currencies, you'll really hustle before you get a casa where they can exchange currency for you.

Best Banks for Currency Exchange

  • Top international banks with branches in Mexico include
  1. Santander
  2. HBSC - All their ATM withdrawals are free.
  3. Scotia bank
  4. Banamex - Banamex has ties with Citigroup. You get free ATM withdrawals at Banamex if you bank with Citigroup.
  • TIP: Most ATMs in Mexico only accept ATM cards with 4 digit pin. If your pin is more than 4 digits fix that with your bank prior to traveling.