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Where to surf in Mexico?

From Baja California to Oaxaca, the Pacific Coast of Mexico is home to some of the planet’s most amazing surfing spots. Mexico is a dream destination for a surfing trip with its warm waters, stunning waves, and the coastline that is mostly unexplored.

With its 9,330 km of coastline, Mexico is a real paradise for all kinda water sports lovers.

Northern Baja California

Closest to the US border with California, the beautiful coastline of Baja California is the ideal place to start a summary of the best surf spots in Mexico.

The coast of Northern Baja is a little more rustic – be prepared for off-road driving, pack your camping gear, warmer gear, and an offline map.

  • With good-sized waves of 1.5m or higher and plenty of rights and left turns along its several beaches, Ensenada is a popular and chilled out surf town.
  • Goto the closeby beach, Rosarito, which is excellent for all-levels surfing and has a buzzing nightlife scene. It’s a popular tourist spot, so expect crowds.

But behind the party beaches, Baja is also home to some of the most powerful waves on the Mexican coast, and if you’re a skilled surfer, look forward to spoiling yourself with a slice of this Eden, all to yourself.

  • Baja Malibu is a pretty epic surf spot, with huge barrels on offer, and a strong northern swell.

Malibu is poor with its surf facilities, but if you have your own board and don’t need the extra gear, you’ll be rewarded with the best surf of your life .

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Sayulita, Nayarit

Fast-growing its reputation as one of Mexico’s coolest surf towns, Sayulita, just north of Puerto Vallarta, has excellent vibes and fabulous beaches. A well-established surf community gathers for the dependably good waves, particularly the north swell from December through April.

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Troncones, Guerro

This is another once used-to-be a fishing village that has turned into a surfer destination.

This spot is good for intermediate and expert surfers as there are several underwater riffs.

Beginners need to watch for the rocks.

From there you can take a 15-minute walk to Manzanillo Bay, which swells a superb set of waves that crash onto a rocky shore.

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La Ticla, Michoacán

This is not well know surfing destination. La Ticla is a long left-hand point break located at the mouth of the Ostula River, in an ecologically protected area in the southwest of Mexico.

The year-round consistent swell that hits the coast of the small town of La Ticla produces some punchy and hollow surf that is recommended for more experienced surfers.

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Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

This laid-back fishing town offers a stunning beach experience that’s all about the waves including the legendary pipeline that put Mexican surfing on the world surfing map.

Zicatela beach in Puerto Escondido is home to a thrilling barrel that is generally considered the world’s best beach break.

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Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca

In 2006, Barra de la Cruz hosted the ASP World Tour, thus placing it on the international surf map.

Now it has a proud surf community, boho vibe, and the world-class right-hand point break what makes the place so famous among barrel-chasing surfers.

This is an empty beach, with the nearest settlement around a 30-minute drive away, in Huatulco.

You can find good swell between March and October, but the best waves fire up in June and July.

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Todos Santos

The stretch of coast between Los Cabos and Todos Santos is famous for world-class waves and is mainly for advanced surfers.

There are stunning surf breaks around Todos Santos

  • Cerritos,
  • El Pedrito,
  • La Pastora.

During summer months the powerful swells draw peoples to San Pedrito, where the big-wave action is, while beautiful Playa Los Cerritos is a big hit with camping surfers searching for a tropical escape.

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In the small southern state of Colima, you can find the famous Ola Verde, or green waves, that make surfing in this region so unique.

The region is well known for its surfing culture quality and you’ll find loads of places to camp, rent, and fix your board and gear.

Cuyutlan in Colima is a superb all-levels surf destination, a tiny beach village with coconut plantations, and is definitely worth a surfing trip. There is even a remarkable black sand beach, which brings in swell from every possible direction, and the occasional beach break barrel with the right conditions.

The iconic green wave season is between April and May

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