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The Impossible Victory: Vietnam

The very beginning of the chapter points out that the war fought by the U.S. against the tiny nation of peasants was doomed to failure. Apparently, the nation of “organized human beings” versus “organized modern technology” had more chances to win because of the extreme sense of justice and willingness to survive. The military tactics of the U.S. government might be defined as conspiratorial ones, mostly because of numerous attempts to stay aside outwardly while being totally involved in the fighting. The American intervention into the war started long before the Vietnam War itself. This assumption can be supported by the fact that the American government “began giving large amounts of military aid to the French … financing 80 percent of the French war effort”. Moreover, the government of the United States was not even considering the claims for help of the Vietnamese people during the years of starvation. They strived to protect the country from the intrusion of harmful communist ideas, which had spread after the Communist victory in China. The American government was guided by the “domino theory”; they believed “that, like a row of dominoes, if one country fell to Communism, the next one would do the same and so on. It was important therefore to keep the first one from falling”. Obviously, it would be baseless to deny the guilt of the U.S. government that the war between the U.S. and Vietnam is perceived today as something “already happened,” being a stain on the canvas of the American history. The horrors of war will inevitably remain in the memory of the Vietnamese nation forever. The fact that American soldiers shot to death a whole village, including old people and children, still causes indignation and revulsion. However, it is necessary to remember that whoever had encroached on human life, he would never have had the right to take it away. Once he had done this, he would be blamed. Consequently, the American government had been highly blamed for having committed crime against life and freedom of an inferior nation. The mass anti-war movements made the country go to pieces. There was no dialogue between the government and the people. The more the Vietnam War progressed, the less people wanted to enlist; the less democracy was performed towards the tiny nation of peasants, the more people found force to protest.

It is wrong to say that one example of self-sacrifice is worth mentioning while the other one is not. One should never make such a conclusion because each example is unique. Nevertheless, the example of Norman Morrison really can cause shivers. “Norman Morrison, a thirty-two-year-old pacifist, father of three, stood below the third-floor windows of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, doused himself with kerosene, and set himself afire, giving up his life in protest against the war”. This action could be definitely named a heroic one, because of demonstrating man’s active civil position, because of a claim for pacifism, because of not being afraid to say his last word to the government. Norman Morrison was a fearless man able to struggle against injustice. Only a few men could follow his example.

The war has left its imprint in the souls of the American citizens. The American nation will always remember those who were killed in Vietnam. The very idea of war was painful; that is why the antiwar movement has outspread all over the United States. Fortunately, the people realized that committing crimes and waging war might not be the best representation of the American dream.

To finish with, it would be worthily to cite Samuel Braithwaite who said, “Hopefully someday in the near future, peace and harmony may reign to people of all nations”. Certainly, his words reveal eternal wisdom: the cooperation based on freedom and independence may bring more benefits than the one based on submission and oppression.

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