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Submitted on Oct 20, 2019 Useful Info

A complete safety guideline for Ferry transport in Kenya

Following the recent Likoni tragedy that claimed 2 lives, it is important to know the safety guidelines before using the ferry.

The following is a complete guide on your safety on-board.

Safety tips for drivers

  • Follow the signs to the ferry carefully.
  • Drive within the stipulated speed limit.
  • ALWAYS allow plenty of room to break-turn.
  • ALWAYS apply your hand-break before turning your engine off/on.
  • NEVER start your engine until the traffic ahead of you has disembarked.
  • ALWAYS lower your windowpane.
  • ALWAYS unbuckle your seat belts.
  • If possible, get out of your car and get in once you arrive on the other side.

Safety tips for passengers

  • NEVER sleep on the floor. If dizzy, move away from the edges.
  • Avoid the vessel's vehicle deck as it may be slippery.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of life jackets and evacuation stations.
  • Avoid standing near the back or front, especially where there are no barriers.
  • ALWAYS hold your child's hand. Don't allow them to play when on board.
  • Riding bikes, skating or any other sport when onboard, is prohibited.
  • NEVER climb on or over railings or any other structures that may slip or fall.

NOTE: Always use your common sense.