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A trip to Mombasa can be pretty hectic if not well planned for . This is how to prepare adequately for a safari to the coastal paradise


  • Make prior accommodation arrangements . Hotels in Mombasa are at times fully booked especially during festivities. Unless you're planning to stay at a friend's or a relative's place secure yourself a room in advance.
  • Carry out a background research on the hotel or holiday home you'll be staying at . Ensure that there's easy access of transport to and from the hotel . It's also important to find a hotel that's located in a safe environment away from industrial sites and dangerous neighborhoods.


  • Pack light clothes as temperatures in the city could go as high as 40°Celsius
  • It's key to bring along these items;
  1. Sunscreen , we don't want to go back home with sunburns , do we?
  2. Antimalarial tablets. Malaria is very common here so don't forget your tabs
  3. Swimsuits. A trip to Mombasa is just not complete without us splashing some water at the beach
  4. Toiletries . It's advisable to carry your own toiletries even if the hotel you'll stay at provides them . You never know when you may need some .

Other necessities

  • Travel documents , carry along your passport and visas you can't risk to forget those!!
  • Money . You just have to spend when in Mombasa so have some dollars on you . 1000dollars is more than enough to spend on a short trip.


The currency readily accepted here is Kenyan shillings . Visa and master cards are accepted at selected outlets but for convenience of trade convert your money to Kenyan shillings and there's quite a number of places to do that:

  • If you fly there's a forex bureau at the airport .
  • There are several banks in town that carry out foreign exchange
  • The pwani forex bureau located in the cbd also does foreign exchange


There are several ways to move around the city. It all depends on your budget ,preference and destination

  • Matatus(public transport mini buses) ply most routes within the city . The good news is that they're very cheap and you get to interact with locals when on board.
  • Uber . OMG ain't we just grateful for this app !! If you want your own ride to any place within the city it's less than a mile away
  • Rented cars . For those who love driving themselves you can rent a car for only 30dollars a day and away we go!
  • Boats . That's right guys Mombasa is an island so why not jump on that speed boat to the other side of town!

Most importantly don't stress so much and just focus on enjoying your coastal get away!