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A guide to coastal cuisine in Mombasa

  • Mombasa is a coastal city and one of the greatest hubs in cuisine and coastal culture in Kenya.
  • Mombasa is also the largest city along the coastal strip of kenya so that means many of the foods you will be able to get.


  • This is the heart and soul of the city.
  • The old town is a region in the town that still has the ancient arab architecture and also traditions.
  • Visiting old town during the eavining hours will allow you to sample the various foods by the vendors such as fried potatoes, a unique rice cake that contains coconuts and also different flavours and varieties of bread.
  • The old town market allows for you to sample these foods in a cheap and clean environment.
  • You can also stand by and watch as the chefs prepare your food for you.
  • A budget of USD 5 will be enough for you to sample a wide variety of foods.


  • Another very good place to visit is the beaches, both private and public beaches.
  • Since Mombasa has tropical beaches, it has nice weather throughout the year when you can visit the beaches and enjoy.
  • The beaches however are not just for recreationsl activities such as swimming, you are very likely to be treated to foods made by the coast.
  • Some of these foods include, roasted Irish, fried or boiled octopus and also crisps made from cassava.
  • For the octopi, you will witness the fisherman bring the fish and then prepare it and leave it for the chef to bring flavours out of it.
  • This is a delightful experience to anyone who enjoys sea foods.


  • Mombasa is not lacking in hotels.
  • Here you can enjoy the local foods commonly enjoyed bythe people there.
  • There are a lot of options for you from traditional vegetables to coconut rice that is simply sumptious.