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Submitted on Dec 07, 2019 Useful Info

How to shop tax free and save money at Montevideo's Tres Cruces bus terminal

To save money at Tres Cruces use either the Benefits card (smiles tourist/sonrisas touristas) or Visa smiles credit card (both really worked for me)

How to get a Benefits Card

  • Ask for the benefits card at the customer service desk on the main level at Tres Cruces.
  • The card is free and can be used in any shop within Tres Cruces to take advantage of discounts and shop up to 14.4% tax-free.

Tres Cruces Visa Smiles

  • Visa smiles is a credit card of Visa, Scotiabank and Tres Cruces.

How to use Visa Smiles

  • You can use Visa smiles to shop in any VISA shop( within and outside Tres Cruces)
  • Shopping using the card accumulates points (smiles) that you can redeem for a gift cheque at all Tres Cruces attached ticket offices.
  • Visa smiles gives you access to direct discounts at all visa affiliated Tres Cruces stores.