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A guide to finding the best prepaid SIM card in Morocco

  • Using your home SIM card in Morocco is quite expensive, its best to switch over to local SIM cards to take advantage of local deals.
  • The following are the top Moroccan telco providers, and some of their best deals:

Maroc Telecom

  • Maroc Telecom is the leading network provider in Morocco
  • Prepaid SIM cards( Jawal 4G) cost MAD 40 ($4) and comes with 5 GB data valid for 30 days which is pretty much enough for most tourists.
  • Best SIM card for tourists: Pass Jawal International, gives discounts on calls, data, and texts to the US, Canada, and European countries.
  • To use Maroc Telecom data you have to activate the data option on your SIM card by dialing 888.


  • Orange is the second largest telecommunication in Morocco.
  • SIM card cost: MAD 20
  • Orange's best deal: Orange offers discounts on international calls to the US, Saudi Arabia, and almost all European countries.


  • Inwi is the smallest network provider but the best SIM card for tourists who need to communicate to people in Asia since it offers discounted calls to many Asian countries ( Recharge International prepaid SIM card)

Best places to buy SIM cards

  1. Airport
  2. Tobacco kiosks
  • Important info: the SIM card vendor must take a picture of your passport, it's normal nothing to be alarmed about.