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Do not drink if you want to save money in Morocco

Though legal, Moroccans condemn drinking alcohol. Most locals just drink their local tea and other traditional non-alcoholic drinks.

Due to this negative attitude towards drinking alcohol, it has become a rare and expensive product in the country.

In bars, these are the prices of alcohol

  • 15 USD for a bottle of beer
  • Spirits go for about 20USD per bottle.

Very expensive if you ask me!

KEY POINT: Public drunkenness acts such as staggering on the streets, being disorderly and out of control is not condoned here and could get you arrested. In case you're arrested due to drunkenness you could end up paying a fine of up to $500 or serve a short imprisonment term at the county jail.

  • In bigger towns with well-stocked supermarkets, alcohol tends to be cheaper compared to bars.
  • If you decide to drink it's safer to do so from your home or hotel room to avoid causing an issue with the police.