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How to avoid faux guides in Marrakech

  • Faux guides are unofficial guides who always try to scam unsuspecting tourists. They'll mostly approach you in the following ways:
  1. Offer to help you find your hotel or a riad by taking you through a very long way so that they can ask for outrageous amounts of money.
  2. Someone approaches you and tells you they know a person who can help, unless you know the person giving the suggestions, don't take their advice.

How to keep off faux guides.

  • Avoid asking for directions from groups of young men who seem to be idling in market areas and streets, if you have to ask for directions, ask a police officer.
  • Study the directions of the place you are headed to using Google maps, that way you won't seem lost and they'll not approach you.
  • In case they approach you either way and claim to be official tour guides, ask them to show you their license. Licenses look like this;

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