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How to live the Moroccan nightlife

  • There are basically three ways to pass the night in Morocco
  1. Clubbing
  2. Shows
  3. Live music


  • In Marrakech and Agadir most clubs are found within hotels so check out the major hotels in these cities if you have a challenge locating one in town.
  • Casablanca is more popular among clubbers since it has most of the best clubs in the country.
  • There are quite a number of clubs that play European and modern music such as Flamingo in Agadir and Vanity in Casablanca.

Live music and shows

  • The medina squares in cities and towns come to live at around dusk. The setting being carnivals like with acrobats, live music, belly dancers and street entertainers with this low-key celebration going on until late night around 2 am.
  • There's also a number of shows and concerts that go down across Morocco every night. You can find out what's happening at night using this local event finder website