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How to make Moroccan mint tea

  • Morocco is famous for its mint tea and instead of spending on a cup here's how to brew yourself one:


  • All you need is
  1. Dried green tea
  2. Sugar
  3. Fresh mint leaves
  4. Water


  • Each household and tea place in Morocco has slightly different ways of making this tea, but this is the general procedure.
  • Water is usually pre-boiled.
  • Some boiling water is usually added to to the green tea in the pot for a minute then the water is drained into a jar.
  • More boiling water is added to the tea and boils for sometime before it is poured out and the initial drained water returned. Mint and sugar are also added.
  • Key tip: The water added the second time should be given enough time to boil, around 20 minutes. That's key for eliminating bitterness in the tea.
  • The tea is then poured into cups from a height to make it frothy.

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Best time to have tea

  • Moroccans usually have their tea just before or after meals.
  • Normally, they serve the tea with all dishes, it's not dish selective.

Where to get this tea: Most hotels, as well as market places, sell this tea, however, if you're a tourist you're bound to be extorted and may end up paying almost triple the price for tea you could have easily made at home.