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Submitted on Apr 05, 2020 Useful Info

How to take the train from Tangier to Casablanca

  • Taking the new high-speed train is the fastest way to get from Tangier to Casablanca.
  • Train ride duration: Exactly 2 hours 10minutes. Bus rides from Tangier to Casablanca can take up to 6 hours.

How to book train tickets

  • It's easier to book the train in person rather than online. Yes, you can get all info on train schedules and prices from the ONCF website though booking the train online from outside Morocco is almost impossible.
  • Finding a ticket is easy since the train from Tangier to Casablanca runs frequently, almost hourly.
  • If you want a first-class ticket arrive at the train station earlier during the day since getting a first-class ticket is difficult. I had to book mine about 4 hours earlier. Second class tickets are easier to get.
  • Budgeting Tip: Avoid purchasing train tickets on your travel date. You'll pay an extra 10%. Don't purchase refundable tickets, they'll cost you an extra 20%.
  • Ticket payment: Carry cash. You can pay using your credit card though it isn't a reliable option.
  • Ticket cost: Tangier to Casablanca train ticket price ranges from MAD 240-370.

Important info.

  • Children under 4 years ride free on the train but this does not automatically mean they'll get a seat. To be safe purchase a ticket for them.
  • Train operating time: The first train leaves Tangier at 6 am, the last train departs from Tangier at 9 pm.
  • I liked window seats, they have USB phone chargers.

How to get to Tangier Ville Railway Station.

  • There are two train stations in Tangier: Tangier Ville (main station) and Tanger Morara. To catch trains to Casablanca, use Tangier Ville railway station as opposed to Tangier Morara.
  • If you are arriving at Ranger ferry port, a taxi should cost about MAD 50. Most taxis are metered. Use a metres taxi to avoid being overcharged, it's a common scam here.