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Submitted on Jun 11, 2018 Useful Info

Language to use in Morocco

  • Arabic is the main language used in Morocco, with French being a commonly-spoken second language (I saw a lot of French tourists there speak nothing but French with the locals)
  • I didn't speak either Arabic or French, but I was able to get around with English with no major issue. People who work in the tourism industry there in major cities like Marrakech and Essaouira have a decent level of English proficiency
  • I memorized just three basic Arabic greetings that I used wherever I went. I found the locals to be more welcoming when they saw that I made an effort to speak Arabic
  • Salaam: hello (informal)
  • Shokran: thanks
  • La, shokran: no thanks (used mostly when street vendors tried to get me to buy stuff)