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Morocco currency and banking system.

The official currency in Morocco is the Dirham (MAD). It is a closed currency and that means for have to be in Morocco to buy or sale this currency. You can find it in some exchange bureaus but it is rare.


While in Morocco, you will discover that cash is the most common method of payment. It is used in 80% of the transactions as of December 2019.

You could exchange your currency into MAD and make most purchases. However, in some stores, they allow for payment in euros, pounds and the american dollar.

These stores however, usually hike their prices when the customer is paying in foreign currency.

Ensure to exchange your currency in the certified exchange bureaus as here you will get legitimate cash. After exchanging your cash, always hold on to your receipt as you can use that to change the cash into the original currency at the end of your

Traveller's cheque.

Traveller's cheques are not quite common in Morocco and hardly any bank will accept them and exchange them for money.

It is advisable to use alternative methods of obtaining cash such as Debit and credit cards and also use the ATM.

However, if you have the traveller's cheques and you need to use them, some large banks will accept, however, the charges might be quite steep.

Debit and credit cards.

Cards are not that widely used in Morocco. The percentage usage of cards as a payment method in 2019 was about 45%.

In major hotels and shopping centers they will be accepted, however in the local shops, you may have a hard time using them.

You could use the ATMs that are located in many parts of the major cities. During the peak tourism season, most ATMs run out of cash frequently and that can be inconveniencing to say the least.

I would recommend having cash with you most of the time as this is very handy.