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Updated on Dec 26, 2018 Useful Info

Taxi tips for Morocco trip.

The Morocco taxi system is quite different from that of other countries. Before jumping into a cab, have these tips in mind.

  • There are three types of cabs;

1. Grand taxis

2. Petite taxis

3. Online taxi service such as uber.

  • Grand taxis carry around six passengers. They are not metered and tourists are easily overcharged. Most lack safety belts posing a security threat to tourists.
  • Though they are cheap, I strongly advise tourists especially if amateurs against using grand taxis.
  • Petite taxis are normally smaller in size compared to grand taxis. They are metered hence the tourist is aware of the fare rates and the total price. They carry around 4 passengers.
  • Metered taxis are generally safer than grand taxis.
  • Mobile taxi services are definitely the best pick among the three. You ride solo and cases of tourists being exploited by mobile taxi drivers are quite rare. However, this is the most expensive taxi option.

Must note tips

  • In smaller cities, taxi prices are fixed and you can't negotiate with taxi drivers.
  • Never take a taxi at bus or train stations, drivers tend to overcharge ignorant tourists who are in a rush to get to their respective destinations. Move about 500 meters for the bus or train termini and pick a cab at that point.
  • Always negotiate the price with drivers, that way you secure a good deal.
  • Always say hi to drivers to create a good rapport. Moroccans use the word salaam to say hi.
  • All the three types of taxis are always branded with definite colors though the colors are different in each city. Never take a cab that isn't branded with the known taxi colors in that given city.
  • Payment is always in dirhams or riyals.

With that in mind, go catch your ride!


Alex Blake

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On Jul 15, 2019

If you are going longer distance (i.e. between towns) then shuttle buses are a much cheaper alternative to taxis. They are safe, modern and comfortable and you can book tickets online. The shuttles in the south of Morocco are run by a company called Souk to Surf and go direct between most popular tourist locations.