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Submitted on Apr 14, 2019 Useful Info

The best time to visit Morocco

  • Timing purely depends on what you want to do in Morocco but here is a breakdown of what the best time to visit for each activity.

January and February

  • It is winter and temperatures are very low ( not as bad as December and November) most people who visit around this time head to Ifrane a small skiing town in the Atlas mountains. The festival of almond blossoms also happens in February in Tafraoute.

March and April

  • Temperatures begin rising, it's the best time to visit most of the popular attractions such as the tanneries in Fez and doing outdoors activities.

May, June, July, August

  • These are the hottest months, however one of the best times to visit. Souks are very lively during these months. Ramadhan and Eid usually take place within these months.
  • It's also the best time to visit coastal towns.
  • One of the biggest festivals in Morocco, the Moussem Moulay Abdellah amghar takes place in El Jedida in August.

September and October

  • Its the beginning of autumn and the weather is similar to that one in spring. Also a great time for outdoor activities.

November and December

  • I discourage anyone from visiting during this time especially when going to interior Morocco. Winters are tough here and moving around can be a real hustle.