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Things to do in Morocco (Adventure and fun)

Things to do in Morocco (Adventure and fun)

With only a month to go before Easter my two friends and I found ourselves in the urgency of planning a fun and adventurous trip. We put many destinations on the table and focused on these points: That none of us had visited before, required our backpacking spirits and where we could escape the winter. Viajes al desierto

We mentioned Greece, the Canary Islands and even thought about Asia. Until one of us said: Morocco! It is clearly a destination that is currently in fashion, especially for master's students who have come to Europe. As usual, the first thing to do is to look for photos and let them convince you. And so we did! We got so excited that we started planning the trip right away.

Within minutes of starting to plan the trip we realized that we had made the best decision. Besides becoming one of the trips with our best stories as backpackers, we arrived with a renewed spirit, eager to continue the adventures and above all with spectacular photos! I recommend that if you like to travel you put Morocco on your list of places that can not miss and in this post I tell you why. 4 Day Tour from Marrakech to fes

Why do we travel to Morocco?

Obviously speaking that we come from any city in Europe the flight will be short. We are traveling from Madrid which is only one hour away from Morocco. If you come from any other city in Europe you will not find a flight of more than 5 hours. The flight was the least expensive part of the whole trip. My friends flew direct with Ryanair, a Spanish low-cost airline. I had to combine my trip. On the way out I flew with a Moroccan airline, Royal Air Maroc, and made a stopover and on the way back I flew with Ryanair. Anyway it was a short and comfortable trip. Morocco desert tours

A Night in the Desert will mark your life

At the beginning and when we planned this trip, we were excited to go to the famous Sahara desert. But the truth is that we had very different expectations than what we ended up experiencing. We thought we were going to die of heat during the day and die of cold at night. We were prepared for both scenarios. But in the end, especially since it was March, we were treated to splendid weather. Blue sky, a couple of clouds and a light wind. Overnight camel Trekking Merzouga

4×4 route is unavoidable.

  • You haven't asked yourself from where we arrived to the desert. I tell you that I have already been twice in Morocco and I lived both experiences: On route to the desert by bus and by 4×4. I definitely choose the latter. Apart from the comfort, it is a route that includes passing through the Dades Gorge, the town of Ouarzazate (known for the movies that have been filmed there), a night on the edge of a mountain, the Todra Gorge and more typical landscapes until you reach the dunes of Erg Chebbi (Sahara desert.) As you can hear it is pure adventure. We did the route with 'Al Desierto con Omar' and the most fun of all has been our guide, so I recommend them 100%. Although there are also many more options that you will find on Tripadvisor, just be sure to read the reviews.
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