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Things to see in Casablanca

Unique things to do in Casablanca

Casablanca is first Morocco’s biggest economic city with the largest population of 4 million inhabitants. Casablanca Conceder as the main gate to Morocco and Africa with its primary Major airport, Big ports, and several foreign investments in several productions, it becomes an important industrial city.

There are so many things that make this city stand out in traveler’s eyes. The Medina, the squares, the beautiful corniche, and the list goes on. With some important tourist attractions and unique things to do. Casablanca is definitely worth visiting once you are in Morocco. Casablanca is a point where most of the desert tours start to explore Morocco according to the destination you wish and the experience you want to get. Tours and travel packages from Casablanca are varied, offer grand tours and short tours depending on your passion, time, and desire.

Visit Hassan II Mosque:

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The fact that it’s the only mosque open for Muslims and Non-Muslims made this landmark one of the must-visit sites in Casablanca, completed in 1992 with the tallest minaret in the world, this attractive tourist and religious site is one of must to visit in Casablanca. Hassan II mosque offers a daily guided visit to explore its charming architecture as well as a museum of Moroccan history.

This landmark in Casablanca Not only gives you an introduction to Moroccan history but also a gateway to the Islam region. The visit to the mosque takes around 45 minutes walking with a local guide. In addition to the mosque, there is a museum that is worth discovering just nearby.

Casablanca Corniche:

On a sunny day, it’s one of the pleasant places to visit in Casablanca, Runs along the Atlantic where you can have a beautiful view of the Hassan two mosque. The Corniche is a very busy area for both locals and tourists during the sunset, consist also of some of the best restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the breeze of the Atlantic ocean while having a Moroccan tea.

Away from the Moroccan traditions, the corniche is also known for its nightlife, where you can find nightclubs.

Casablanca Medina:

Among what to see in Casablanca in one day is the Medina, the old part of the city offers you a chance to discover the old lifestyle of Moroccans. Situated Between the Mosque Hassan II and downtown Casablanca allows you to walk around while visiting the famous sights of the city. Walking in Casablanca Medina will take you back in time thousand years ago.

In addition to its old history, walls, alleys, and mosques the Medina consists of the best handicrafts and artisanal workshops such as leather goods, shoes, oils, and spices.

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur:

This beautiful white church was constructed in 1930. The Cathedral Sacre Coeur ceased its religious function in 1956, after the independence of Morocco. The Cathedral host some of the best art exhibitions, it becomes one of the best cultural centers that compete for museums in Casablanca.

Morocco Mall in Casablanca:

The biggest shopping center in Africa, If you are traveling along in Casablanca or as a family vacation trip don’t hesitate to visit Morocco Mall it has enough to entertain everyone, from Extensive range of shops of the best quality, vast food options, indoor Ice skating, and indoor aquarium.

The Moroccan Jewish museum in Casablanca:

The only place in the Muslim world dedicated to the Jewish community, the Museum has some of the best collections of art and history of Moroccan Jewish. For Jewish Morocco tours this site is definitely one of the main tourist attractions in Casablanca.

Rick’s cafée in Casablanca:

Situated in a few minutes driving from the famous Hassan II mosque, If you are looking for Unique things to do in Casablanca Rick’s cafe can be a charming place for you. This cafée restaurant was built in 2004 Based in a fictional location for the famous movie of Casablanca. Entering this bar with palm trees, table lamps, cocktails, and brass chandeliers makes you believe you are stepped in 1942. Rick’s cafée is very busy and usually fully booked, but don’t hesitate to go for a drink during your visit to Casablanca or even during your tour in Morocco to elsewhere.

Place Mohamed V:

Considered as the best square for promenading, the place Mohamed V is the central plaza of Casablanca. where you find the most important official buildings, such as the Morocco band, the palace of justice, and the main post office.

Where to stay in Casablanca

Where to stay in Casablanca is never being an issue, there are enough accommodations that can host all travelers who are seeking an adventure from Casablanca. By the corniche, there are several luxury hotels that can offer you the best stay and views of the ocean such as Four season hotel and Royal Mansour. However, there are So many hotels that are less expensive with amazing services.

If you need some authentic experience We do recommend booking in a Riad instead, usually, Riads in Morocco offers some charming experience especially when you are traveling with a limited budget.

Best tours from Casablanca:

Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco, where Morocco major airports are and where the best opportunities for traveling, working, and so on. Morocco tours from Casablanca are varied in terms of the adventure you like, the places you want to discover, and of course, your personal interest, however, Morocco can be the best place to enjoy all kinds of travel experiences.

In Casablanca, You can start your tour to the north to discover the best of Rif mountains, Chefchaouen city, explore Fes and head the Sahara desert and end your vacation in Marrakech red city with our 6 days tour from Casablanca

There are also long tours from Casablanca that can be ideal for a long traveling package in Morocco, which allows you to explore a lot of sights, with guided tours in 12 days tours all around Morocco.

Our short desert tour from Casablanca offers you a short vacation through the Fes and Merzouga desert in 4 days 3 nights, starting from Casablanca ending in Marrakech. once you have a short vacation in Morocco that that’s your best tour to book.

Explore Chefchaouen, this amazing blue city, in the mountains of Rif, walking in its colorful alleys will inspire you!