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Updated on Mar 15, 2019 Useful Info

Transport tips for Morocco

Most major cities and towns In Morocco are very well connected, and local routes link most smaller villages and communities.

By Air in Morocco

Most international visitors fly into Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport, Menara Airport in Marrakesh, or Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport

Royal Air Maroc is the primary carrier, serving local cities such as Zagora, Errachidia, and Essaouira. Remember that some of these planes are very small, so be sure to check the baggage restrictions

By boat to Morocco

Many ferryboat companies operate between Morocco and Europe.

The most popular routes are to Tangier or Ceuta from Algeciras or Tarifa in Spain, or from Gibraltar

The trip will take only 30–60 minutes. Check out FRS and Trasmediterranea web pages for more info.

By train, in Morocco

The rail network in Morocco is operated by ONCF company.

It connects all the main towns Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Meknes, Marrakesh, Tangier, along with smaller cities in between.

Marrakech is its’ last stop going south but the Marrakech station is conveniently located next to two major bus companies (SupraTours & CTM).

Service is reasonably frequent and regular, though train travel is often slower than traveling by bus.

By bus, in Morocco

Buses are a cheaper and more widespread option to Morocco’s train network, operating between smaller cities and villages that can't be reached by rail.

The biggest national bus companies are the Supratours and CTM.

SATAS and Trans Ghazala operate in a regional area.

CTM and Supratours are the best to travel with, and they offer comfortable buses — many even with air conditioning. You can buy tickets online or at the bus station.

By Souq bus, in Morocco

Standard bus, known as - the Souq bus, is the cheapest bus you can travel across the country.

However, each bus is privately owned and they often don’t leave on a schedule until they’re full.

Actually, they’re usually never accurate as these buses make many stops along the way to pick up and drop off passengers.

Animals are also allowed on the buses.

By Grand and Petit Taxi, in Morocco

A very popular way of going around from city to city or from a city to towns or villages is to hop in a Grand Taxi.

  • Grand taxis are shared taxis that carry up to six passengers — two in the front beside the driver and four in the back. You’ll find these aging Mercedes sedans at taxi stands and near bus and train stations.

Grand taxis serve longer routes between towns, and they don’t leave until they’re full. To allow yourself a little extra space — or to get the car going if it’s taking a while to sell out — you can pay for any extra spots in the car.

  • Petite taxis are only found inside city limits. Their color suits the city that they’re in, so in Rabat they are usually blue, in Fes they are green, and in Marrakech they are yellow. The taxis can seat 4 people.

Those taxis run on a meter price based on distance.


Alex Blake

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On Jul 15, 2019

If you are travelling in the south then the easiest way to get around is with the Souk to Surf shuttle bus. The shuttles run direct between the most popular tourist towns and you can reserve your ticket online - so no need to go the bus station a day early to buy tickets! Check out the website here: www.souktosurf.com

Luna Keira Olsen

Travelled to 22 countries / regions

On Jul 22, 2019

oh Thnx, Alex! :)