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Updated on Jun 22, 2018 Useful Info

Useful apps for travelling in Morocco

Here's my top suggestions for what apps to have on your phone while travelling in Morocco


  1. Google Maps: this one is essential and I can't stress it enough. I couldn't have navigated the old cities of Marrakech and Fez without having this app. Contrary to popular belief, it's totally possible to use it without internet. Just open it up while you have wifi (in your hotel or riad) and scroll around/zoom in the area you'll be travelling in (takes <1 minute) and it'll save that area for offline use. GPS itself doesn't need internet
  2. Google Trips: really useful for quickly looking up major tourist sights around you. I used it quite a bit. I found it much less bloated and commercialized than the Tripadvisor app (Tripadvisor app has way too many paid private tours that buries all the actual historical sights)

Nice to have

  1. Careem: only available in Casablanca, but it's the equivalent of Uber here. Much simpler to use for travellers than trying to get a local taxi. Note: you need to download this app before you go to Morocco, because as part of the set up process they will send you a text
  2. Airbnb: honestly Airbnbs are the best way to stay in Morocco. Most of the Riads are booked through Airbnb these days. Riads are those beautiful traditional Moroccan houses with a central courtyard. It can range from cheap no frills to extravagant with pools and everything (see pictures below)
  3. Snapseed: you should have some kind of photo editing app on your phone, as Morocco is a really photogenic place and you'll be guaranteed to take lots of pictures. Snapseed is my personal favorite (it's made by Google) in terms of quick and powerful mobile photo editing tool

This is a riad: