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Submitted on Mar 01, 2020 Useful Info

Weird "crimes" that can get you arrested in Morocco

  • Some laws in Morocco seem bizarre to many foreigners and can easily get you arrested unknowingly. It's important to note that all Moroccan laws apply to foreigners as well.

Flying drones

  • It's illegal to fly drones in Morocco unless you have a license (licenses are obtained from Moroccan directorate of civil aeronautics). Only companies can obtain licenses though, individuals cannot. High chances are if you enter Morocco with a drone it will be confiscated at customs and you could be charged a fine of 100 Euros ( 1100 Dirhams).


  • Morroco drug laws are strange since you can be prosecuted for being found in the company of a person who has drugs even if you have none. You'll both get charged with the same crime and be given the same sentence.

Arabic bibles

  • It's ok to have Bibles in all other languages except Arabic. This is seen as undermining Islam. In the same way, you can be arrested for trying to convert an Islamic Morrocan to Christianity.


  • This will only cause you problems if you display your relationship in public or if one or both of the parties are Morrocan. If you're discreet its highly unlikely that you'll get arrested.

The monarchy

  • Speaking badly about the King of Morocco or the monarchy attracts a prison sentence of up to 3 years if done in public. Reported acts that were done in private attract a one year sentence.