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Tanzania Safari Tours & Kilimanjaro Trekking

TOTO AFRICA ADVENTURES - African Safari Holiday | Tanzania Tours | Kilimanjaro Climbing

Wish to spend your Holiday in Tanzania? Toto Africa Adventures we have built a strong and a unique reputation by organizing Tanzania Private tours and Group tours such as African Safari Tours & Holidays in Tanzania also we organize Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing tours, Zanzibar beach Excursion, Cultural and day Trip Tours, For affordable prices we will make your holiday to Africa Unforgettable.

Our Tours and Safaris

  1. Kilimanjaro Climbing
  2. Tanzania Safari Holiday
  3. Beach Excursion Tours in Zanzibar
  4. Cultural and Day Trip Tours

We are true experts when it comes to Tanzania. We live, work and travel here.

Whether you’re traveling with the family or are on honeymoon, or want to mix bush and beach OR just climb Mount Kilimanjaro, stay in private safari houses or ensure you avoid malaria areas, these types of African safari holidays will ensure you get the Best African safari holiday of your dreams. Most importantly we have the best experienced Mountain and Safari guides that will show you all that you might imagining when you were thinking of going on a Tanzania Safari or Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


African Safari Tours, Trips, Travel & Vacations 2021 & 2022 customized for family, friends & Couples, with flexible itineraries & best prices we take you to our fabulous Northern Tanzania safari parks & Southern Tanzania safari circuit, all these Tanzania safari packages are designed with an average cost to enable you experience the real nature of this part of Africa.

Our Safari Division:

  1. Tanzania Budget Camping Tours
  2. Tanzania Mid-Range Safari Tours
  3. Tanzania Luxury Safari Tours
  4. Family Safari Tours
  5. Couple, Honeymoon Safari Tours
  6. Serengeti Migration Safari Tours

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