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Updated on Sep 07, 2020 Useful Info

Hiking Mutianyu Great Wall - What's Best & Unique

Mutianyu is the best Great Wall section to hike.

Mutianyu is located in Huairou District, it is one of the new sixteen scenic spots in Beijing. It is connected to the Juyongguan Great Wall in the west and Gubeikou Great Wall in the east.

· With a total length of 5400 meters, it is currently the longest Great Wall in China. The open section of the Great Wall is 2250 meters. Three enemy towers stand side by side on the Zhengguantai, which is very rare.

·The famous Great Wall landscape Jiankou, Niujiaobian, Eagle Flying Upside Down, etc. are located at the western end of the Mutianyu Great Wall, which is the essence of the Great Wall.

·Former British Prime Minister Major, former US President Clinton and many other foreign leaders have visited Mutianyu.

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Mutianyu tour company: Great Wall Adventure Club

Hiking the Mutianyu Great Wall - Review

  • A friend in Beijing recommended to go to the Mutianyu Great Wall where there are many foreigners, and I feel like a foreigner there.
  • To be honest, this section of the Great Wall is not suitable for the elderly and the legs and feet remain unchanged. First, the towers are all on the ridge, and you must climb the mountain first before climbing the Great Wall; secondly, there are large ups and downs, and the steep sections require both hands and feet. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you must take the cable car first, which can save you from climbing. It is said that the cable car is state-owned, and the slips are privately contracted. The slide failed on the day we went, and then. . . You know, a bunch of people can’t get down in line😱😱😱
  • Key points: The cable car goes to the enemy building No. 14, and then climbs to No. 20. Before the 19th, the effort is relatively easy. 19 to 20 are approximately vertical. You can climb with good physical strength. You can see the beauty of the Great Wall without going. Then stroll back and take the cable car down the mountain, relaxing 👏
  • I went to Mutianyu on Saturday, April 20. It rained a little in the morning. The air was very fresh and the Great Wall was surrounded by clouds and mist. It was very comfortable to visit. There are not many tourists in Mutianyu, basically there is no need to queue up, but it may also be due to the weather. It is said that there will be many tourists on holidays.

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  • About the tour route: We hiked up the mountain to reach No. 8 enemy building, it took about 20 minutes, and then it took 1.5 hours to reach No. 20 enemy building, then about 40 minutes to see the Wild Great Wall, and then 1.5 hours down to No. 6 The enemy tower went downhill on a pulley. We usually exercise a lot and climb faster.
  • To go back and forth to Mutianyu, I took the Great Wall bus recommended by a friend. It was more convenient to get on the Dongsishitiao subway at 8 am. The on-board commentator Xiao Zhou told the history of the Great Wall very well. The service is also very considerate. Comment on this itinerary and encourage this excellent service. I hope that Beijing’s attractions will have more similar quality services in the future.
  • We are going to the Mutianyu Great Wall during Chinese New Year this year. We decided to go to the Great Wall together during the Spring Festival. We have been to Badaling before. There are so many people. We didn't see the beautiful scenery at all. We saw people everywhere. So we gave up decisively. I recommended the Mutianyu Great Wall, and then I learned it carefully, made a strategy, and decided to set off at Mutianyu. We went to Mutianyu on the third day of the Lunar New Year. The weather was still very cold that day, because when I was visiting the hornet’s nest, I saw a Great The Wall bus is a direct train to Mutianyu. It is also convenient to think about, and it is very close to where you live, so let's try it. We arrived at the meeting point early at 8:25 in the morning-Hepingxiqiao Station on Metro Line 5. After getting on the bus, others arrived one after another. Many cars were parked that day, and there were a lot of people. However, the service staff of the Great Wall bus were very nice and the process was very smooth. We set off with a full car, and we couldn’t leave. It took 5 minutes to get on the expressway, and there was no traffic jam during the whole journey.
  • Xiaozan told us about the precautions and routes for visiting Mutianyu on the car, and then also provided special ticket purchases in advance. Thank you very much. We are in the car. The tickets we bought were 10 yuan cheaper 😄, when we arrived at Mutianyu, we got the tickets and took the cable car made by the elderly. It was really cold on the Great Wall. We didn’t climb to the top. There were still a lot of people that day. Yes, after all, is it in time for the holidays, but it is much less than Badaling, and I have met many foreign friends. I heard that foreign friends would choose to go to Mutianyu to climb the Great Wall when they come to Beijing. We took a few photos After staying for a while, we returned to the town. We got down by the official shuttle bus from Mutianyu. I really appreciate Xiao Zan’s reminder, because when I passed the parking lot on the mountain, I saw many people in the cold wind. After waiting, we took the shuttle bus back to the town and chose a restaurant-we had a steaming dumpling, and there were paid massage chairs in the town, but there were not many, so let’s enjoy it first. The waiting time is longer, because we didn’t climb the Great Wall very much, but rested in the visitor center and didn’t feel the cold. When the first train of the Great Wall bus we booked departed, we went back. Played, but it went smoothly.
  • Unmatched beauty. It happened to be heavy snow the night before, and the whole Mutianyu Great Wall was wrapped in silver on the second day. It was very beautiful. There were three tickets, tickets, shuttle bus, cable car or cableway, because the climb started from the top of the mountain. It is different from Badaling. The cable car depends on the situation. If it is not needed in summer and autumn, just climb up from the foot of the mountain. Friends, remember that there are four treasures of going up the mountain in winter: leather gloves, scarves, hats, and hiking shoes. Vacuum cups and dry food are essential for life. The beacon tower No. 20 is quite steep, go up to the wall, and walk backwards inch by inch. Even if it is not snowing, you must use both hands and feet to overcome the fear in your heart. Don't look down or look behind if you are not afraid of heights. You will be scared every minute to sweat your hands and soften your legs, and then you can leave. The scenery is beautiful all the way, and I will go again in autumn to see the snow flying all over the sky, and next time I see the sky full of autumn scenery.
  • I specially selected days with cool autumn weather and excellent weather, which may be only a few days a year in the imperial capital. The Great Wall is a five-step view, with ridges, mountains, clear sky, and the Great Wall. The vast and majestic scenery inspires me full of pride and patriotism. There are really few foreign scenery that can match it, no wonder It is one of the world’s wonders. I walked from station 1 to station 20. The scenery on both sides is different, and the direction of the platform is steep and steep. The slope with a large platform number is gentler and the scenery is vast. There are indeed not many tourists. Many foreigners have a very comfortable time to play. If you go to Badaling, it is probably crowded. I ran down the mountain and ran back to the bus stop, I was exhausted 🐶, but still very happy.
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