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Mutianyu Bus Tour: Great Wall Easy Transportation from Beijing

When foreign tourists arrive in Beijing, time is often very tight. It is very important to find a way to travel to the Great Wall as soon as possible. The Mutianyu Great Wall is only one and a half hours away from Beijing, and it is not particularly crowded. Going to Mutianyu is a good choice. However, if you go by public transportation, it is not very convenient for foreign tourists, because the bus will be very crowded and the driver cannot speak English.

The Great Wall Adventure Club has daily bus tour to Mutianyu, equipped with luxurious buses and English-speaking guides who know the Mutianyu Great Wall very well. Departing from Beijing downtown every day at a fixed point, the cost is less than $50, including tour guide fees, tickets, in-park shuttle, and no other troubles. Save additional 10% when you book the Mutianyu Bus Tour when you come from this post.

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Reviews from Mutianyu Bus customers:

  • it was an excellent experience. 100 % satisfying. Everything which is mentioned is accurate. they have new buses. they follow exact timings. they have both English and chinese language guides. charges are very reasonable. their time management is very nice. must avail this bus service if having plans to visit Great Wall
  • my group really enjoyed using the bus tour to Mutianyu. our guide was Fred and he was very helpful and friendly! this trip was well organized, we always knew exactly what was going on. highly recommended and worth the money, especially if you are a foreigner traveling to Beijing
  • We really enjoyed this trip! everything was well organized and the guides communicated with us extremely well. Our guide, John, was exceptionally helpful and kind. He made sure that we were clear on the trip plans and meeting points. He translated all the instructions for us and made everything very easy and stress free. Tommy even told us lots of information and facts about the Great Wall during the bus ride to the wall. During the trip I lost my phone, John was exceptionally
  • Daniel was very nice to have a guide. She spoke very clear in English, with interesting facts on the Great Wall, and great tips on what to do in Beijing. The itinerary was perfect for us (very nice to climb the wall in the (late) afternoon).
  • To go to the Mutianyu Great Wall, taking the Great Wall Bus is definitely the most correct choice. The tour guide Zhang Chao is humorous. He talked a lot about the Great Wall and Beijing travel notes along the way, which are the most concerned by our out-of-town tourists. Tickets for the cable car are also You can ask the tour guide to buy it on your behalf, saving you time in queuing. The car is also thoughtfully equipped with mineral water. Two bottles of 5 yuan, which is cheaper than buying outside. The top of the mountain sells 15 bottles. In addition, there is no shopping promotion during the whole process. Play for 5 hours. Next time a friend comes to Beijing, I will definitely recommend the Great Wall Bus! High performance-price ratio, overall excellent, very satisfied, highly recommended.
  • Our tour guide is Wang Dan on the car. The tour guide Wang Dan introduced very detailed and super gentle lady sisters who can go through the relevant procedures on the car. After arriving at the Great Wall, Miss Wang Dan helps to pick up the tickets of the whole car and distribute the tickets for each tourist. Then lead us to the entrance of the cable car and the entrance of the ropeway according to our own choice. In short, the service is great. Great Wall Bus is great
  • The timing is good. You can stay in the morning for other visits. The tour guide LEO is very friendly, experienced, and very good in English. He gave us American friends a lot of time-saving and meticulous instructions. They cooperated at the appointed time and saw many good attractions. Feel the experience of climbing the Great Wall. Thank him for giving us an unforgettable Great Wall tour。
  • Very good Great Wall Bus service is also very good, all the way is very good Mutianyu Great Wall very few people, the scenery is also very good and cost-effective, Xinxin tour guide explained the whole process is very good
  • The service is very good, the experience is great, the through train is well-deserved, convenient and fast, time-saving and labor-saving, the tour guide is professional, the explanation is careful, the questions are answered, the enthusiasm is very satisfied, very recommended!
  • It is a wise choice to take the Great Wall Bus, and the car is well regulated to reach the scenic spot. It is not recommended or entering the store along the way. It is recommended to start the bus and return on time. The tour guide Han Guisheng in our car was very enthusiastic, and the situation of the scenic spot was also introduced in great detail. In the chat on the return trip, he reminded the tourists who will go to the Forbidden City in the future. Tickets must be purchased online in advance, which is not available on the spot.
  • The great beauty of the Great Wall in the golden autumn season is beyond description! The tour guide is very humorous, there is no shopping during the whole journey, and it is convenient to travel directly to the bottom of the Great Wall! It is suitable for lazy people to travel. Tickets and cable car tickets can be bought directly on the car. On the way back, the handsome also gave us a guide to what to do and eat in Beijing!

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The Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful place in the eyes of many people to take pictures of the Great Wall in Beijing. Here, the mountains are undulating and the forests are lush. The Great Wall is winding between the mountains, straight and straight, which is very three-dimensional. The Mutianyu Great Wall has a long history and a splendid culture. It is the essence of the Great Wall. It is densely packed with enemy buildings and dangerous passes. There are crevices on both sides of the city. There are three enemy buildings on the southeast side, and the main gate stands tall. Rare for the Great Wall.

Using Great Wall Adventure Club bus tour to Mutianyu, you'll save time and money for a great experience of Mutianyu.

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