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Mutianyu Bus Tour Reviews: Who's the Best? Who's Cheap?

Mutianyu Bus Tour Reviews: The Great Wall Adventure Club

The following reviews are from the customers who have toured Mutianyu. Hope it'll be useful if you plan a tour to Mutianyu with an express bus from downtown Beijing in 2021.

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  • The view of the Great Wall was beautiful and very impressive! The GWAC bus tour to Mutianyu was very good, with phone reminders before the trip and very personable during the trip, I hope to develop more routes. I hope more routes will be developed. My mother and I had a great time and were very relaxed during the whole trip.
  • I was recommended by a friend to take a day trip to the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic area by GWAC bus, which started at eight in the morning with a luxury tour bus. The beautiful guide was very patient, carefully explained the different ways to play the Great Wall at Mutianyu, and the whole itinerary was arranged clearly. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is a combination of magnificent and steep, and is definitely worth a visit. In the end, I found a little surprise in the car on the way back, which was a perfect end to the Great Wall tour, thank you very much!
  • First time going to the Great Wall at Mutianyu because I took the elderly and children with me. Found the GWAC bus direct on Google. The introduction was very detailed and the price was very reasonable. After booking the tickets, GWAC Bus confirmed the departure time and location by phone and SMS respectively before the trip, which was very clear. Since the epidemic had just passed, there were no more than half of the seats on the bus and it was very comfortable. At the Great Wall in Mutianyu, the guide has already bought tickets for everyone, cable car tickets, and discounted tickets for children and the elderly. Very convenient. Climbing the Great Wall on the same day, taking the cable car to 14 Beacon, and then climbing to the highest 20 Beacon, the scenery was beautiful, and the mountain was significantly cooler. It was so comfortable.
  • On the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather was perfect for an outdoor walk. The bus was very clean, and the service staff was very attentive to the explanation on the Great Wall, there were not many people, the scenery was very good, especially a good travel experience.
  • There is a free lounge area, free hot water, and you can read, and it's done professionally!
  • At the Great Wall, all kinds of ways to visit the Great Wall, climb up the Wall, ride down the slide, quite fun ...

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  • Found on Google, GWAC Bus is closer to where I live compared to other buses, so I booked it. Price is good value, GWAC bus package than separately booked tickets on the official website + ferry + cable car + book the bus separately cheaper. And more people can also receive full discount coupons, 3 of us cheaper than 100 it (save money he does not smell it?!) The service is superb, and I will call to confirm things after booking, and I will be reminded in the morning before the trip, so I can say that it is very attentive. At one point, my mom thought I was signing up for a day trip, but I actually just bought a ticket 😂 . The most important thing is that the bus departs on time (emphasis added) and is very time sensitive. All in all very pleasantly surprised, very worth recommending to everyone!
  • The Great Wall in Mutianyu, transportation preferred GWAC bus, especially during the epidemic to do a very good job in place, 30% vacancy rate, on board to take temperature, show health code, neat and clean bus, travel also assured, there will be scenic staff to explain the scenic area and related matters needing attention, help to buy tickets, there is a large rest area at the foot of the Great Wall, free hot water, but also free reading, also free oh, do very professional.
  • The city is directly connected to the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic area, with elegant exclusive rest areas, the bus is also very clean, the tour guide is very warm and attentive, praise! It was a nice day for a speed slide.
  • The tour guide was very attentive, and the whole trip was efficient and convenient, much more convenient than traveling by myself.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

  • The service is quite good, and I will call the day before I leave to advise the precautions. The little sister service is also great, and her attitude is very gentle. It's very convenient to have a direct one-stop service, and I highly recommend it for non-driving partners.
  • The GWAC bus is very convenient, it will take you from Hepingxiqiao metro station to Mutianyu Great Wall in one hour, there is a special rest area for the GWAC bus, it is very comfortable to take a rest after climbing.
  • The first time I came to Mutianyu Great Wall, I had a very unique experience, with thousands of years of history and cultural deposits, stepping on the ancient bricks of the Great Wall and feeling the crystallization of the blood and sweat of the ancients, I felt heavy and joyful. The bus service is in place, the bus is disinfected and clean, and the tour guide is very patient.
  • The GWAC bus is a good and cheap way to get to the Great Wall in Mutianyu, and it has a free ferry ticket. It's a very convenient way to get on the bus, buy a ticket and a ropeway ticket, and it has an exclusive scenic rest area, which is a very good experience and recommended.
  • The night before booked the bus ticket, and then the staff called to tell time and place, the next day did not calculate the time late for a while, said to the staff, and then still waiting for us to go together, want to go to the Great Wall if you take the GWAC bus is a good choice!
  • The direct bus experience was good and saved on travel. Guided by staff throughout the trip but again it is a free trip with no other constraints. Much more comfortable than traveling on your own at the same time, health monitoring is in place! The whole experience was great, loved it!
  • First of all, the overall experience was very good, rating 5 stars for this service🌟
  • 1. contacted customer service for advice after purchasing the tickets, with a very good attitude 👍 and answered questions.
  • 2. had a safety and health code related check before departure to ensure everyone's safety, and was quite relieved.
  • 3. the car has carried out the introduction of attractions, and provided help to buy tickets, saving time in line, in addition to the car ride should be to ensure the safety of everyone, not full can depart, great!
  • The overall feeling is very good.
  • Super good ~ the staff is very responsible. The itinerary is very well arranged, no traffic jam, and the return trip will be soon, you can also buy tickets on the bus, and the ferry is free of charge with Zanzibar, so it's very hassle and money saving!
  • A very enjoyable trip, during the epidemic, the bus would depart with only 50 percent of the tourists in it, and the view above the Wall was beautiful. You can experience the ropeway on the way there and play the slide on the return trip. The Great Wall at Mutianyu will definitely give you an unexpected surprise!
  • After successfully booking online, someone will call a day in advance to remind you of what you need to bring, where and when to get on the train. Along the way, the guide will introduce the attractions, whether you need a cable car, cable or rail your own choice, very convenient. The car driving steady, to the station to allocate a good ticket, you can completely free to travel. During the period will also remind downhill itinerary. The service is very much in place!
  • On the 23rd to the Great Wall, the guide is very enthusiastic, the recommended package car is very convenient, the road is too far, to the Great Wall the scenery is too beautiful, the people are few, the children are very excited, a breath of air to climb to the 20th--.
  • Very pleasant trip, the rest area is warm and comfortable, the service of the staff is also very enthusiastic, the ticket for the ropeway was bought together on the train, it is very convenient, and also send a ferry, compared to the last time we self-guided tour Mutianyu experience is much better.
  • The bus was too good! On the bus, the tour guide lady will help you plan different tours for you to choose from, and they're affordable! Yum yum yum! Convenient and affordable! Preferred Oh!
  • This time to go to the Mutianyu Great Wall, take the GWAC bus day trip, the departure time is very accurate, there will be a guide to call in advance. It's a great way to get to know your family. It's a great way to get to know your family. The GWAC bus is very suitable for you if you want to go to the Great Wall in Mutianyu.
  • The first time I climbed the Great Wall, it was harder than I thought it would be, but I persevered. The GWAC bus girl was very enthusiastic and did a great job! Bring the family back next time!
  • The scenery of the Great Wall is really beautiful, so lucky to be able to see the snowy Great Wall! The GWAC bus service we booked was really good, the driver drove very steadily, and the tour guide was very patient throughout the whole process of explaining the scenery of the Great Wall, the tour strategy, this time to the Great Wall really feel great!
  • The GWAC bus is a GWAC tour guide.... A local specialty restaurant... and beautiful and soft spoken! Kudos to the GWAC Bus
  • Great Mutianyu, the Great Wall is really good, than what Badaling photography also really give praise yo! It's quick and easy, you can get there in an hour or so, and you can get the tickets for the ropeway in the car!
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