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Mutianyu Bus Tour - Who's the best & How to Hike?

In Beijing, Mutianyu is the best place to see what the Great Wall really looks like, and the easiest place to travel by bus. No visit to China would be complete without seeing the Great Wall, which is exactly how first lady Melania Trump wrapped her first-ever trip to Asia. This article describes the most trusted travel agency in Beijing for Mutianyu bus tour - Great Wall Adventure Club.

Why you should tour the Great Wall at Mutianyu?

To Beijing, climbing the Great Wall is common knowledge. And "Which section of the Great Wall to climb?" The Great Wall at Mutianyu, "the first Great Wall of Beijing", is the most beautiful of all the Great Walls in Beijing.

The Great Wall at Mutianyu, "the No. 1 Great Wall of Beijing", is the most beautiful of all the Great Walls of Beijing and has the reputation of being the most beautiful of all Mutianyu. It is the best time to visit Mutianyu Great Wall in late autumn. It is the best time to visit Mutianyu Great Wall in late autumn. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is more simple and quiet than the Great Wall at Badaling, which makes you feel the history of the Great Wall. The experience of nature tourism will be very comfortable. This is why the Mutianyu Great Wall is ranked as the number one Great Wall by Tripadvisor, an international travel website. I, as a Great Wall walker, have been to the Mutianyu Great Wall many times, the following is a more professional guide to the Mutianyu Great Wall, combined with my personal experience, to let you "maximize the charm of the Mutianyu Great Wall." According to the Wall Street Journal, "The village of Mutianyu, just 90 minutes by car from downtown Beijing, boasts views of some of the most beautiful sections of the Great Wall." Mutianyu is easily accessible from Beijing and is an hour or so's drive.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

How to get to Mutianyu the easiest but affordable way

The Great Wall at Mutianyu is a "touching Great Wall" for me, not from the pines and cypresses that represent the "most beautiful", but from the broken walls of the ancient Great Wall. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is not from the pines and cypresses that represent the "beauty of the most beautiful", but from standing in the broken walls of the ancient Great Wall, to touch the vicissitudes of history. The Great Wall at Mutianyu, which can be said to take into account everyone's "preferences". When it was my first time to visit Beijing, I was very eager to climb the Great Wall. Out of my unfamiliarity with Beijing and my lack of proficiency in Chinese, I was very unsure about taking the bus to Mutianyu on my own.

Searching on Google, I filtered those programs listed on TripAdvisor. I tried to get hold of the tour operator instead of the agents who resell the Mutianyu bus tour on the travel marketplace. My experience told me that many agents paid some of their customers to praise their service on the travel platform, which is often coitized to be biased. I found Great Wall Adventure Club's Mutianyu Bus Tour. Founded in 2003, such a long history of a Great Wall travel operator convinced me.

A customer's review interested me: "I had a fantastic tour last month with Great Wall Adventure Club. Our tour guide, Steven Liu, really put a lot of effort into making all of us happy. He came up great alternatives when our scheduled tour was interrupted by First Lady, Michelle Obama's presence on the section of the Great Wall we were supposed to see. Highly recommend Great Wall Adventure Club and our tour guide, Steven."

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The detailed booking procedure is introduced on Great Wall Adventure Club's Mutianyu Bus Tour Website.

What to discover at Mutianyu?

The entire Mutianyu Great Wall is 5,400 meters long and is one of the best preserved passes in contemporary times. It is very difficult to see it all in one day. So what are the main points to see on the Great Wall at Mutianyu? How can a tour be worthwhile?

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If you have the stamina to reach the place, you must reach No. 20, which is the highest place within the "scenic area" of the whole Mutianyu Great Wall, and the best place to overlook the whole Mutianyu Great Wall.19-20 is the most precipitous place, some places even reach 70 degrees of slope, the steps are extremely high, and you need to use your hands and feet. Climb.

Many people have since proposed here, the Great Wall of thousands of years of history, but also a symbol of eternal love, born and raised.

The bunkhouse, located between enemy buildings 14-15. What was the bunkhouse used for? Swim to this site and you'll notice it's a little different from the other enemy buildings. This one is roofed and decorated with spinal horned beasts. Anyone who has been to the Forbidden City knows that the number of horned creatures represents the status of the owner of the house, and ordinary people are not worthy of this rank. During the Ming Dynasty, this was the place where the defending general commanded the battle.

The outer branch of the city, located in the 11th enemy building. The Great Wall wasn't exactly connected by a single line, and many places needed some variation based on terrain and operational needs, this extension of the Outer Branch was one of those strategic tools.

So_26F3F is located at No. 4 enemy tower, a hollow enemy tower that is extremely rare throughout the Ming Dynasty Great Wall.

The Great Angle Building, located in the southeast, is the highest enemy building in the 1st. As it looks like a corner of the wall from all angles, it was named so.

Three ways to go up to Mutianyu, Great Wall from the ground

A hiking, B cable car, C Gondola line.

The entire Mutianyu Great Wall is located at the top of a mountain ridge, which undulates up and down according to the direction of the ridge, while all the entrances are at the foot of the mountain. The trail is from the middle entrance at the bottom of the mountain, all the way up about 800 steps to the 8th or 10th enemy building, which takes 40min-1h, depending on personal strength. The 800 steps are only the mountain path, and do not pass by the enemy buildings 1-7. The best part is at 14-20. 8-20 takes about 2h each way.

On non-holidays, there's hardly any queuing, and it takes about five minutes to go straight to the enemy building at 14. I was lazy and chose the cable car, from No. 14 to No. 20 I took 1h20min, is also not a small challenge, some of the stamina to run to No. 20 outside the Great Wall of the wild. Didn't stop too much. It was almost dusk when I walked back from 20, and there were only a few people left on the Mutianyu Great Wall, leaning on the wall, and there was the scene at the beginning.

The last C, the ropeway, the entrance to the ropeway is lower down the mountain, five minutes to the Great Wall No. 6 enemy building, 6-20 one way takes about 2.5h. 20-6 about 1.5h. slide down the mountain is also in the No. 6 enemy building.

The difference between B and C is that the B cable car has a window and a door, which is safer. the C cable car is open and has the same appearance as the wooden chairs in the park. the C slide is the kind of slide that children play with, with a slide board under their buttocks. families with elderly people and children should consider carefully.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Hiking up is one of the most strenuous ways to experience it and is not recommended. After you pass through the Great Wall ticket gate, the climbing path is to your right. From here, you have to climb half a mountain to "see the Great Wall", the whole process is about 600 steps, which is equivalent to climbing 50 floors. This is just a warm-up, because the next step is the sixth beacon of the Great Wall. And the highest point of the Great Wall at Mutianyu (the good man's slope) is at Beacon 20, so if you want to be this good man, you have to continue for 14 more beacons. After reaching the highest point, you then walk back down the same way to the 6th beacon and walk down the mountain. The whole journey takes about 4 hours. If you are not a regular exerciser, you will basically be exhausted after climbing the Great Wall. You can only look at the Goodman Slope and salute. To sum up, we visited Mutianyu Great Wall to climb the Great Wall, not to climb mountains. In the limited time we have, we have to put our energy on the Great Wall walk, so the cable car is a necessary transportation that will help you to achieve a successful summit.

Tickets (Chinese RMB)

General Admission: Adult ๐Ÿ‘‰40

6 years old/under 1.2m ๐Ÿ‘‰ free of charge

Between 6 and 18 years of age ๐Ÿ‘‰20

18 years old or above with undergraduate student card ๐Ÿ‘‰20

Disability card ๐Ÿ‘‰ free

Over 60 years old Beijinger ๐Ÿ‘‰Free

Over 60 years old Chinese ๐Ÿ‘‰20


100 on the one-way cable car.

One way down the cable car ๐Ÿ‘‡100

Round trip cable car 120

1.2m-1.4m half price, 1.2m and below free of charge

100 on the one-way ropeway.

One way under the skateboard ๐Ÿ‘‡100

Note: On the cable car, down the slide is 200, as the two are not the same company.

Park Shuttle

15 RMB per person, below 1.2m free of charge.

Great News: The General Admission and the Shuttle Bus are covered in Great Wall Adventure Club Mutianyu Bus Tour program. :)

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"A classic Great Wall West Side Walk."

Mutianyu Great Wall Classic Walk: Beacon 14 - Beacon 20.

After taking the cable car up the Great Wall, you will be at the 14th beacon and the next question that will bother you is "which way should I climb". The answer is very clear, please go "all the way to the west" and head to the 20th beacon of the Mutianyu Great Wall. The 20th beacon is the "highest point" of the Great Wall at Mutianyu. If you don't reach the Great Wall, you can't get to the top, so prepare mineral water and head to the slope. (Estimated time 1 hour to reach the top)

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Recommended Travel Operator: Great Wall Adventure Club. When referring this article, please ask for extra 5% off on the top of the discounts the Club has offered.

Where to dine at Mutianyu

SUBWAY Restaurant.

Location: 20 meters east of the ferry station on the hill.

SUBWAY Restaurant, a Western-style fast food restaurant, serves Western-style fast food and there are a lot of foreigners here. The open-air place outside the restaurant seats more than 100 guests. Western burgers , sandwiches, pasta, coffee, etc. are the main meals served here. If you are bringing foreign friends or prefer western style, you can dine here. The average price per person here is around 60 RMB.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall