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Mutianyu Bus - Why it's the best way to see the Great Wall

There is public bus that takes you from Beijing downtown to Mutianyu Great Wall. But, it doesn't include any service. It is just a transportation. Thanks to Great Wall Adventure Club, there is private bus tour available for international visitors who need not just a transportation but also the guided tour in English. Is it affordable? At only $33 or less, you get them all.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

With the private bus by Great Wall Adventure Club, the Great Wall tour grandfather, taking a bus to Mutianyu becomes as easy as pie. Looking at the above picture, you are not spending two hours on the bus for nothing. You are listening to the history and other tour information of Mutianyu Great Wall.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Bus Reviews

Here are some reviews of this private bus service.

  • I had the pleasure of having Mike as our tour guide for the forbidden palace and he was absolutely wonderful!!!! If you get the opportunity to book with him you would be very lucky he has excellent knowledge of everything very helpful and detailed. He had so much knowledge on the forbidden temple learned so much we got to see so many amazing things! He even went above and beyond for us by helping give us details about Beijing like where to shop and eat answering all questions 5 star service!
  • Today Liu Dongwei tour guide took us to the Great Wall at Mutianyu on the way, Liu's attitude is very good, warm and generous to tourists, explain the introduction of careful and meticulous, and timely and patient answers to the tourists put forward difficult questions, to take care of everyone, so that we experience the gracious feeling of home, is very well received by everyone's praise, coupled with the beauty of the Mutianyu Great Wall in autumn, beautiful scenery and attentive service, make us feel comfortable, and let us spend a happy and unforgettable day, thank you Liu Dongwei tour guide thoughtful care, thank you for your company's thorough arrangements, wish your company's business red hot more and more good!
  • The tour guide Tan Wei is warmly received, attentive, well introduced, serious and responsible, worthy of praise and trust, and adds to the Great Wall Bus! We applaud David Tam!!!! And kudos to Great Wall Bus for a thoughtful, reasonable, and fair arrangement!
  • From the moment we boarded the bus in the morning, we experienced the warm and responsible service of our guide Tan Wei. We had a wonderful experience climbing the Great Wall. Thank you, Mr. Tan, and thank you Great Wall Bus for arranging the Great Wall Climbing at Mutianyu.
  • Mr. Peng can switch between Chinese and English easily, and has a great sense of humor and fun.
  • Today, the Peng guide with the car, explain the introduction is very detailed, attentive service, no need to take the ferry, one-stop assistance to buy tickets, cable car tickets and so on. It was a great relief...of course it was not mandatory. It was a great experience and I was very satisfied.
  • The Great Wall Bus is really convenient and saves a lot of time in the queue for tickets. The tour guide is also very professional, enthusiastic and rich in historical knowledge. I would definitely recommend Great Wall Bus to my friends coming to the Great Wall in the future.
  • It was a very good itinerary, with the bus leaving when it was full and buying tickets on the bus saving time. It is a great way to get to the Great Wall, and it is a great way to get to the Great Wall. It was the first time I've ever been to a hotel, and I'm sure I'll find a way to get there. If you are leaving at night, please remember to bring your luggage with you, as the Great Wall Bus can leave your suitcase in the bus.
  • As the saying goes, "You can't be a hero until you reach the Great Wall", and it's hard to be a hero until you reach the Great Wall. The Great Wall is so high, so long and so steep. But today on the way to the Great Wall, the guide Xiao Zhou's attitude is very good, the tourists are very warm concern, before think to the Great Wall to climb a climb on the end. After listening to Xiao Zhou's detailed explanation, the meaning of the Great Wall tour has become different, at the same time Xiao Zhou's service also got everyone's praise, a little regret is the foggy sky. It was a bit of a pity that the sky was so foggy, showing all the vicissitudes and depression.
  • Very good service. Enjoy the whole arrangement even though I booked at the last minute. Tour guide is very friendly and very helpful. Explained things in details as well. Likewise, tour guide gave good advice. The whole trip is a pleasant one for me. Totally enjoy it and will recommend to friends if they ever want to consider to go China.
  • The Great Wall Bus is a perfect and efficient way to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall, and we didn't waste any time. We bought a round trip ticket for the Great Wall cable car and only used it for the first leg, and guide Liu was actually kind enough to refund the cost of the return trip. The Great Wall Bus is the best way to get to the Great Wall.
  • The Great Wall Bus is a convenient way to pick up and drop off passengers in the city center, and all you need to do is to make a reservation with WeChat. The tour guide, Wang Jun, was very patient and thorough in his explanation. The tour was very satisfying and it would have been perfect if we could just get a bottle of water per person.
  • Liu Dongwei guide special humor and fun, the journey is very relaxed and happy guide to give advice is very considerate and humane is a great trip on the Great Wall thank you, work hard!
  • This time in the Great Wall Bus official website to buy a direct to Mutianyu Great Wall round trip bus, very comfortable, small Liu guide throughout the service is thoughtful and warm and standardized, two elderly people and I am very satisfied, recommend everyone to choose this kind of travel. These days the weather in Beijing is good, encounter the capital blue, this season to Mutianyu Great Wall climbing fewer people comfortable, suitable for the elderly and children to climb the mountain. The vegetation on both sides of the slopes is withered, but it's not bad, and the scenery will be even more charming in spring and autumn, sighing that our ancestors left such a great heritage!
  • The Great Wall Bus was recommended by a colleague, and I booked the Great Wall Bus package (including cable car and tickets) on Ma's Nest, and the price was very fair, and when I got on the bus, the tour guide refunded half of the tickets because the elderly people accompanying me were over 60. The Great Wall Bus also provides a resting place for guests, with tea, hot water, lunch and a small supermarket, all of which are available. 9.45, the summit was about 11:00, all the way to the photo on the drag, down relatively quickly, before 12:00 we had returned to the bottom ready to eat, hungry! I had lunch at the Great Wall Bus resting place, Great Wall Bus tourists also discount, the service is very good, very kind ~ after dinner and rest for a while, 2 pm to gather on the bus, the overall arrangement without any shopping link, basically is to encounter the Mutianyu Great Wall to start pure fun. I've also been to other sections of the Great Wall before, and it's basically a 2-hour ride, which is quite a rush for us photographers, but the Great Wall Bus has a better schedule. I also specially chose the earliest bus, which proved to be the most suitable for both the road conditions and the climb to the top of the Great Wall. I hope Great Wall Bus can do better and better, but don't forget the original purpose.

Mutianyu Bus Schedule

  • Morning: 7:20 am
  • Pickup locations: Downtown
  • Discounts from 15% to 35%. Bring friends and save more!
  • Booking site: Great Wall Adventure Club

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall