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Updated on Sep 17, 2020 Useful Info

Mutianyu Tour: The Best Great Wall Tour from Beijing (The Western Walk)

To Beijing to climb the Great Wall, women and children are well known. And "Which section of the Great Wall to climb?" is a knowledge.

Mutianyu Great Wall, "Beijing's No. 1 Great Wall", among the great walls in Beijing, enjoys the reputation of "the most beautiful Mutianyu". Late autumn is the best time to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall. The forest is soaked and the maple leaves dance. In contrast to the crowding and commercialization of the Badaling Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall shows the simplicity and quietness of the Great Wall, allowing people to feel the vicissitudes of the Great Wall's history. The experience of nature tourism will be very comfortable. Because of this, the Mutianyu Great Wall has been listed on the "No. 1" Great Wall by the internationally renowned travel website Tripadvisor. I, as a Great Wall enthusiast, I have been to Mutianyu Great Wall for many times. Based on my personal experience, I will provide a more professional guide for friends who want to go to Mutianyu Great Wall. Maximize the charm of the Mutianyu Great Wall."

For foreigners, to hike to the best section of the Great Wall, hire a tour guide to take you on the classic "Mutianyu West Line Walk" is the best experience. The Mutianyu Private Tour of Great Wall Adventure Club is the right choice. Their tour guide has more than 10 years of Great Wall experience and speaks fluent English. Warm and friendly, treat guests like good friends.

Classic Western Line Private Walk of Mutianyu (No. 14-20, Beacon Tower)

The classic walking route of the Mutianyu Great Wall: No. 14 Beacon Tower-No. 20 Beacon Tower.

After taking the cable car to the Great Wall, you will be at the No. 14 Beacon Tower. The next question will bother you, "Which side should I climb?" The answer I gave you is very clear. Please go "all the way west" and head towards the beacon tower No. 20 on the Mutianyu Great Wall. Mutianyu No. 20 Beacon Tower is the "highest point" (Haohan Slope) of the Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area. If you do not reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero, so prepare mineral water and head towards the hero slope. (Estimated time 1 hour to reach the top)

Next, with my photos, let’s take a stroll along the Mutianyu Great Wall in the "Green Gallery"!

Above: After the cable car arrives at the Great Wall, board the Mutianyu Great Wall viewing platform. This small cave has become the "access channel" for everyone. The English of the stone next to it is to thank the German Henkel Company for its contribution to the restoration of the Mutianyu Great Wall. The Great Wall is not only owned by the Chinese, but also a valuable cultural heritage of the world. After you pass through the small hole in the middle, follow the direction of the arrow and go west.

Strolling to the west, from this perspective, you will taste the magnificent beauty of the Great Wall, like a dragon passing through layers of forests and cypresses, facing the mountain breeze, you must feel refreshed. The sky is high and the clouds are light, looking at the flying geese from the south, you are not a hero if you don't reach the Great Wall. Give yourself a "picture of a hero."

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Go through the castle cave and continue walking westward. The next beacon tower in the distance is "No. 15" beacon tower. It has a gentle slope and beautiful scenery, which is very suitable for strolling. It is not advisable to walk quickly at this time, let yourself slowly start to warm up and stretch your body. After all, we are not here to compete, but to taste the charm of the Great Wall.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

The position of the photo was taken at the position of Beacon Tower No. 15, when the gradient of the Great Wall was still slowly and slowly. Continue to walk west. Easily advance to the No. 16 Beacon Tower.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

At this time, passing through the No. 16 beacon tower, the number of tourists has begun to decrease. After walking through the two beacon towers, the body has finished warming up, breathing in the fresh air, being in the natural oxygen bar, and the mind is starting to fly. Go all the way west and head straight for Beacon Tower No. 17.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Above: Passing through the beacon tower No. 18, at this time, the whole body has already started to heat up and started to sweat slightly. Already feel a little tired. Right in front of us is the most difficult section of the Great Wall that is about to be climbed. Beacon Tower No. 19-Beacon Tower No. 20, the slope began to increase rapidly, and hundreds of steps "provoke" your desire to move forward. Take a break here, drink some water, and then start moving!

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

This section of the road is not only the long distance, but also the steepest, which is the biggest challenge in the whole process. But when you finally gritted your teeth and climbed up, looking back, the majestic figure of the Great Wall appeared at your feet, and the boundless scenery was on the dangerous peak. At this time, a kind of heroic heroism emerged spontaneously.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

On the No. 20 beacon tower, many heroes gather here, everyone is busy taking pictures, some people sit on the ground and drink a glass of beer. As the highest point of the scenic spot, tourists arrive here to complete the process of "heroes". However, this is not the highest point of the entire Mutianyu, although a brick wall is set up here in the scenic spot. But the Great Wall behind still tempts us to continue "exploring."

Go beyond the beacon tower No. 20 and enter the world of the ancient Great Wall

Tips: The No. 20 beacon tower of the Mutianyu Great Wall is the highest point of the entire Mutianyu Great Wall scenic spot, but it is not the highest point of this section of the Great Wall. The Ancient Great Wall". The scenic spot has set up a wall here. Visitors are not allowed to pass. But because the wall is not high, many tourists are still willing to continue exploring. My opinion is that if your physical strength is okay, then go through this wall and head for the No. 23 beacon tower.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Above: Passing through the No. 20 beacon tower of the Mutianyu Great Wall, after 15 minutes of climbing, you are about to reach the No. 21 beacon tower in front of you. At this time, the body feels the most exhausted state.

This is the beacon tower No. 21 of the Mutianyu Great Wall. Looking back at the Great Wall, he is moving in a direction beyond himself.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

From No. 21 Beacon Tower to No. 22 Beacon Tower, the slope gradually slows down, and you will begin to touch the "Great Wall of History".

Beacon Tower No. 22 on the Mutianyu Great Wall, walking alone slowly, walking in the time and space of history with awe of the wisdom and perseverance of the ancient Chinese.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Above: Beacon Tower No. 24 of the Mutianyu Great Wall, although it has become a ruined wall, no one can be seen in the front, and there are no tourists behind. In an instant, there is time and space, and you can hear the sound of iron hoofs from the ancient battlefield. The ancient Great Wall, the crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of the ancient Chinese people, has prevented barbarians from invading for thousands of years, making the Chinese nation an ancient civilization inherited from world history.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

Successfully climbed to the highest point of Mutianyu, overlooking the mountains, the Great Wall winding up and down like a giant dragon, infinite scenery on the dangerous peaks, the hard work and sweat along the way completed the transformation of the joy of success here. Looking up at the sky, rivers, mountains and earth. Standing for a long time, the bagpipes of history spread in the air. In the distance is the figure of the famous "Jiankou Great Wall", the most precarious section of the Great Wall, which is the most fascinating place for Chinese Great Wall photography enthusiasts.

User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall

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User submitted photo of Mutianyu Great Wall