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M-PESA scams to avoid in Kenya

  • In Kenya, like many other countries, fraudulent activities are common and if you are not on the lookout, you could get conned.
  • M-PESA scams are pretty common in the country, and scammers would do almost anything to exploit your ignorance and dig money from you.
  • The following is a brief guide on all you need to know about the types of M-PESA scams and how to avoid them at all costs.

Types of M-PESA scams in Kenya

"Mistakenly sending you money via M-PESA"

  • - In Kenya, fraudsters have a way of manipulating your humanity to their advantage. You may receive a call from a desperate caller begging you to send their money back, which they accidentally sent you.
  • First, M-PESA reversal options are available, so NEVER fall for this!
  • SMS on your phone - there are two types of scams here: one is an SMS with a coding system similar to the one used by M-PESA. The most conspicuous difference that will prove the SMS is a scam is that the SENDER IS USUALLY A PRIVATE NUMBER.

The second is a message from your so-called son or daughter,

  • who supposedly asks you to send money to a certain number belonging to a so-called teacher.

These messages come in very different forms but their purpose still remains to exploit money from you. NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANY UNKNOWN NUMBER!

A call from the so-called Safaricom agents asking for your M-PESA pin.

  • Nobody asks for your PIN unless they are scammers. Never give out any information related to your M-PESA account.
  • In case of doubts, always forward the message to 333 for a confirmation from Safaricom.