Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga
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A day in Nairobi

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Nairobi, Kenya's capital, the city boasts of very many mind-blowing sites. I made a tour around the city for a day and here is how it went down!

Nairobi safari walk

  • I started my day by making a trip at this elevated wooden boardwalk from where I could enjoy seeing a variety of wildlife in the larger Nairobi National Park. From lions to leopards to cheetahs, the view from the boardwalk was spectacular!
  • Since I had the safari walk trail map, I took the walk alone, no guide was needed.
  • Nairobi safari walk is easy to access. It's about 7kms south of the CBD and I took a taxi from CBD for Ksh1500

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Panari sky center

  • It's the only ice skating rink in the city. I dropped by to learn a few ice skating tricks.
  • It's also located south of the CBD and I easily accessed the place from safari walk( costed Ksh500).
  • I was allocated a trainer. My lesson ended after an hour and I later grabbed some snacks at one of the restaurants within the building.

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Jevanjee garden

  • This is a public park located in the CBD.
  • After spending the better part of the day engaging in moderate-intensity activities I chilled at the garden for some time.
  • I had to be on high alert as pickpockets are always roaming around the garden.

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Places I didn't have time to visit

  • Karura forest.
  • Bomas of Kenya
  • The giraffe center