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Updated on Nov 09, 2019 Useful Info

Beware of the "phone borrowing" trick at bus stations in Nairobi.

  • It's actually becoming a common scam and many people especially tourists are falling for these phone borrowing scams and lose their phones to Nairobi's con artists. Here are some of the common tricks they use to steal your phone at bus stations.
  • Somebody borrows your phone as you are about to board the bus to call their relative (their accomplice) to pick them up, the phone goes unanswered, some minutes later their accomplice also boards the same vehicle, claims to have lost their phone and asks someone to dial their number (that's your number btw). Your phone rings and everyone believes you are the phone thief.
  • In some cases, they just borrow your phone and get lost with it the moment you look away for a second.
  • In most cases, the people who come to you to "borrow your phone" are people who seem very vulnerable or harmless, commonly they use old women.